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Air Fryer Lemon Dill Scallops

Air Fryer Lemon Dill Scallops are going to change the way you eat scallops! These are chock full of flavor, tender, juicy and succulent!

Scallops are a favorite, they are mild in flavor so they take on your seasonings beautifully. Try these scallops in Tuscan Garlic, Grilled Lemon, and Pan Seared, all insanely delicious recipes!

Tender scallops cooked in an air fryer with lemon and dill.

Air Fryer Scallops

These scallops done in the air fryer are going to blow your tastebuds. The air fryer just infuses the lemon and dill into the scallops which creates a deep rich yet bright and zingy dish. Perfect for summer. Air Fryers are a cook’s dream come true! They are fast, healthier, and cook everything to perfection! Plus dishes are reduced and you do not have to heat up the kitchen to cook. Perfect for those hot days. Now you can have incredible luscious meals, save time, stay cool and eat like a king!… Read more

Beach Beat: What are they thinking? They’re not — they’re eating rotten meat

Consider this a spoiler alert — literally.

Fads come and go, but miniskirts and disco didn’t carry the danger of severe food poisoning as does a new internet craze. Eating spoiled, rotting, raw meat is the latest health/high food, according to some online nuts. I would call them stupid, but Mom taught us that was an ugly word and not to be used.

The practice of eating spoiled raw meat to achieve a high is as nutty as huffing gasoline, as far as I’m concerned. Its purported nutritional or entertainment effects are far outweighed by the inherent dangers

Social media sites have recently included an increasing number of posts with photographs and videos of people performing this incredibly dangerous act. I say performing because who knows if the craze started as what people in news call a “bar bet.”

For those of you who never worked on a city desk … Read more

This Crumb Cake Recipe Is a Sweet, Salty Ode to the PB&J Sandwich

Celeste Noche

Peanut butter and peanut butter powder help transform a lunchtime classic into a homey but indulgent cake

This is the first official installment of For Goodness Cake, a monthly cake column from pastry chef Joy Cho. Each month we’ll give you a recipe for cake that is not only relatively easy to make but also rewarding and comforting. Because cake, we firmly believe, isn’t just for special occasions — it’s for celebrating the sweetness that can be found in every day life.

Peanut butter and jelly doesn’t take me back to third-grade bagged lunches or after-school snacks. It actually evokes close to zero childhood memories for me. I preferred other kid-friendly foods, like turkey sandwiches or Velveeta mac ’n’ cheese, when I wasn’t eating the Korean meals my mom or grandma prepared. Lunchables and Gushers were up my alley, but Uncrustables? Not so much.

Given this history (or … Read more

Sugar Cookie Bars

These sugar cookie bars are soft and sweet with a smooth layer of icing that is sprinkled on top. Perfect for your next party!

Cookies are a favorite at our house and always on demand. Some that we love are No-Bake, Pecan, and Snickerdoodles Cookies.

Sugar cookie bars cut into squares with sprinkles on top.

I have made these sugar cookie bars over a dozen times! They are so easy to whip up a batch and have a delicious sugar cookie in a bar! A soft and chewy sugar cookie with delicious frosting on top. And it makes enough to feed a crowd! You are going to love these and they will become a major hit wherever you take them!

 A sugar cookie bar is everything a good sugar cookie is: soft, chewy, and sweet but not too sweet! Traditional sugar cookies take a little more time. But these sugar cookie bars are easy and bake Read more

Researchers find different impact of related Salmonella types

Scientists have found Salmonella variants can have different effects on the health of pigs and the risks they pose to food safety.

Two closely related types of Salmonella Typhimurium, called U288 and sequence type (ST) 34, are particularly dominant in pigs and differed in colonization of the intestine and surrounding tissues and severity of disease they produced. The ST34 variant accounts for more than half of all UK human Salmonella Typhimurium infections, while U288 is rarely associated with human infection.

Professor Rob Kingsley from the Quadram Institute and professor Mark Stevens from the Roslin Institute worked with scientists at the Earlham Institute to look at common variants of Salmonella in pigs in the UK.

Using whole genome sequencing the research team found that the two types of Salmonella Typhimurium have been circulating in UK pigs since 2003. Researchers previously examined the emergence and spread of Salmonella in pigs.

Predicting risk Read more