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Michael Twitty Goes Deep Into the Black Jewish Kitchen

In his new book, “Koshersoul,” the author of “The Cooking Gene” explores the intersections of African and Jewish diaspora cuisine and identity

On the very first page of Koshersoul, culinary historian Michael Twitty is already fighting to be understood. Twitty, whose 2017 memoir The Cooking Gene uses food to trace his ancestry from Africa through the slave trade and the American South, is asked by another writer if he’s traded writing about Black food for Jewish food. “No,” Twitty responds, “this is a book about a part of Black food that’s also Jewish food; this is a book about Jewish food that’s also Black food because it’s a book about Black people who are Jewish and Jewish people who are Black.”

That’s an intimidating task, and not just because many people refuse to acknowledge the possibility that someone can be fully Black and Jewish, as Twitty recounts in the … Read more

Tender Roasted Root Vegetables

You have not had delicious vegetables until you have tried these roasted root vegetables! They have SO much flavor, and their texture is so tender that you will want to eat these with every meal!

I absolutely love a good, hearty side dish! And one that is healthy is even better! Try out some more of these yummy veggies that you can pair with all of your entrees. Some of my favorites are grilled asparagus, this air fryer “roasted” cauliflower, or this delicious copycat Olive Garden salad.

A white bowl filled with roasted root vegetables.

What are Roasted Root Vegetables?

If you are asking yourself what a root vegetable is, then you are not alone! This is a common question! A root vegetable is a veggie that is grown underground. The ones that I used in this recipe are carrots, parsnips, beets, and yams!

These vegetables typically are ones that you see made IN something (like this roasted … Read more

Jury deliberates over charges against Paul Kruse in Blue Bell criminal case

After just five days of trial testimony, the United States v Paul Kruse is now in the hands of a Texas jury.

Trial testimony in Austin’s Western District Court moved much faster than predicted before the trial began with jury selection on Aug. 1.

The Austin American-Statesman Wednesday reported the prosecution moved on to closing arguments. The court says the jury will resume its deliberations today, meaning it could all be wrapped up inside of two weeks. Jurors were warned about a possible four-week trial when they were selected.

Kruse, 67, is the retired president of the iconic Blue Bell Creameries. He is being tried on federal felony charges of conspiracy and fraud for suppressing some information about the 2015 listeriosis outbreak.

During a crisis of more than 60 days in 2015, Kruse ultimately recalled all Blue Bell products and closed its production facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama.

But … Read more

Coca-Cola Please Calm Down

Coca-Cola Dreamworld | Coca-Cola

I do not need soda that tastes like “surrealism of the subconscious”!!

There is nowhere for Coca-Cola to go. It is the standard of the soda industry, such that I cannot come up with an apt comparison because every time I try to think of a company whose name has become synonymous with a whole type of product my mind immediately thinks “Coca-Cola.” We all know what Coke is, even those late to the game — there is no one left to convince. Which is probably what accounts for Coca-Cola’s “Creations,” a series of sodas whose flavors supposedly represent the abstract.

On August 15, Coca-Cola will release its fourth and final “Creations” flavor: Dreamworld. What does Dreamworld taste like? According to a press release, it “bottles up the technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious with an invitation to savor the magic of everyday moments and … Read more

Dutch Caramel Apple Pie Bars

These dutch caramel apple pie bars have a flaky pie crust base with spiced apples and a buttery crumb topping. Drizzled with some homemade caramel, these will be one of the best desserts that you make this fall!

I love fall desserts, and using apples is one of the best ways to capture that seasonal taste! Try out some more apple recipes like this apple tart, this classic apple cider vinaigrette and these delicious apple hand pies!

A stack of 2 apple pie bars on a plate with some granny smith apples in the background.

Dutch Caramel Apple Pie Bars Recipe

Let’s just cut to the chase on this one and say that these will be one of the best desserts that you make this fall. I absolutely love anything that is made with apples, and I especially love dutch apple pie. The buttery crumbs on top of tender spiced apples are my favorite!

I love that these bars have everything that you love about a dutch apple pie. … Read more