Where did coffee beans come from? The latte macchiato is a lot more advanced in how it’s made. Its signature layered look comes from starting with a 3rd to a half glass of steamed milk. A shot of espresso is poured over very slowly or using the back of a spoon. When it’s poured correctly into the centre, a dot or “stain” is created within the milk. Lastly, a layer of froth is added. Hákarl’s taste is mostly considered an acquired style” and has received a blended response. Meals adventurist Anthony Bourdain described it as the only worst tasting thing he’s ever eaten”. An espressino is made with espresso, which is topped with steamed milk, cocoa powder and sometimes Nutella. Barista Tip: Within the USA it is common to use a cup as an alternative of a glass glass for a latte. A lot of the producer world has voiced … Read more