Coffee Review‘s mission is to help consumers identify and purchase superior quality coffees and, in the process, help drive demand and increase prices to reward farmers and roasters who invest time, passion, and capital in producing high quality coffee beans.

Many of our readers seek out highly rated coffees for their own enjoyment or as thoughtful gifts for coffee lovers.  Coffees that appear in Coffee Review’s Top 30 are particularly popular.  They often sell out quickly.

We’re pleased to help facilitate your shopping and gift-giving by providing links to roasters’ websites where Top 30 coffees may be available for purchase. As of the morning of Tuesday, December 1, 2020, the Top 30 coffees below were available for purchase, pre-order, allocation, or notifications at roasters’ websites.

No. 3 | Kakalove Cafe (Taiwan), Ethiopia Natural Guji D Minor Special Lot, 97 points – NT $400/8 oz.

No. 5 | JBC Coffee Roasters, Ardent Ethiopia Natural, 97 points – $35.00/8 oz.

No. 6 | Hula Daddy Kona Coffee, Kona Mocca®, 96 points – $74.95/8 oz. (ALLOCATION LIST)

No. 11 | Simon Hsieh Aroma Roast Coffees (Taiwan), Kenya AA Ares Phoenix Special, 96 points – NT $900/8 oz.

No. 14 | Equiano Coffee, Wush Wush Ginbo Keffa Ethiopia, 95 points – $21.00/16 oz.

No. 15 | Hala Tree Kona Coffee, Honey Typica Anaerobic, 95 points – $75.00/16 oz.

No. 17 | Thanksgiving Coffee, Mocha Java, 96 points – $14.50/12 oz.

No. 18 | Davila Kafe, Esteli Nicaragua, 94 points – $16.00/8 oz.

No 21 | Corvus Coffee Roasters, Guji Uraga Nitro Cold Brew, 94 points – $3.99/8-0z. can

No. 22 | Cafe Kreyol, Organic Red Honey Ramirez Estate Microlot, 92 points – $12.99/12 oz.

No. 23 | Lexington Coffee Roasters, Tanzania Shimiligwanda, 94 points – $17.95/12 oz.

No. 24 | Dragonfly Coffee Roasters, Elida Natural Dragonfly Lot, 95 points – $20.00/12 oz.

No. 25 | Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters, DR Congo, Gera Village, SOPACDI, 94 points – $21.00/12 oz.

No. 26 | Big Island Coffee Roasters, Ka’u Giant Maragogipe, 94 points – $35.00/10 oz. (NOTIFICATION LIST)

No. 27 | Durango Coffee, La Esperanza Colombian Natural X.O., 94 points – $16.95/12 oz.

No. 28 | Big Shoulders Coffee, DECAF Ethiopia Guji Super-Natural, 91 points – $18.00/12 oz.

No. 29 | Peach Coffee Roasters, Costa Rica Cordillera del Fuego, 94 points – $29.99/10 oz.

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