Southern grits are the perfect breakfast (or lunch or dinner!) option. They are the creamiest and most delicious addition to your morning meal, and everyone in your family will be able to make these. They are that easy!

I love a delicious breakfast. After all, they say it’s the most important meal of the day! Check out this delicious breakfast casserole, these biscuits and gravy, and these amazing German pancakes!

The top view of a bowl of grits with butter and pepper on top.

What Are Grits?

Grits are a popular and delicious dish that hails from the south. Grits are similar to polenta and made from dried, stone-ground corn. They create a texture similar to a porridge-like food. When the grits are activated with warm liquid, they expand and release their starches, making a deliciously creamy texture! You can use them for any meal, but I especially like eating them for breakfast.

There are lots of grits recipes out there but this one is simple and easy, and everyone in your family can make it. It takes less than 10 minutes, and you will be eating your way to breakfast bliss! Try these out with some bacon and cheese, sausage, eggs, or even as a side dish to any dinner (like shrimp!). They will bring great texture to the meal and make it really hearty.

Ingredients to Make Grits

This quick cooking recipe only takes five ingredients! Because these are so simple, once you have your grits in hand then I’m sure you already have everything else you need to make these at home. Check out the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact measurements.

  • Water: This is the base that you cook the grits in.
  • Salt: The salt enhances the flavor of the grits
  • Grits: You can find these in the breakfast aisle at the grocery store.
  • Butter: I use unsalted butter when making my grits.
  • Salt and Pepper: Add these on top to taste

How to Make Quick Breakfast Grits

These only take about 10 minutes to make from start to finish, which makes them a simple and easy option to add to any meal!

  1. Boil: In a medium saucepan boil the water and salt. Then, add in the grits and stir.
  2. Cover: Reduce the heat to low, let it simmer and cover the pot with a lid for 5-6 minutes stirring occasionally.
  3. Add Butter: Add in the butter and then it in stir until it melts.
  4. Season: Season with salt and pepper to desired taste. Serve warm.
3 pictures showing how to add ingredients to pot.

How to Store Leftovers

If you have leftover grits, then you can store them in an airtight container in your fridge. They will last about 3-4 days. Just heat them up in the microwave or on the stove!

A pot of cooked grits with a wooden spoon.

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