These homemade Reese’s eggs are to die for!! With a creamy peanut butter center inside a rich chocolate covering, these make the best Easter treat!

I love making peanut butter treats. I can’t resist the delicious and sweet taste! Try out this pinwheel candy, these peanut butter balls, or these amazing no-bake cookies for some more fantastic peanut butter delights!

A basket (with a pink towel) full of reese's Easter eggs.

What are Reese’s Eggs?

Well, to put it in an eggshell (pun intended!), these eggs are the perfect combination of two favorites, peanut butter and chocolate. Made into the traditional egg shape, these treats are a popular commodity for the Easter season. Whether you choose to have them at room temperature or store them in the fridge and have them chilled, these are an eggcellent treat!

These eggs are my favorite Easter treat ever! These homemade Reeses peanut butter eggs are so easy, and in my family’s opinion, they tasted better! My boys said they liked that they weren’t oily like the ones in the package. These eggs are pretty quick and easy to whip up if you need to bring a dessert to a party, put together a spread of refreshments, or they are even perfect for a fun family night activity together! These are so easy, delicious, and fun for Easter… or any time of the year if you are a Reese’s lover like me.

What Do You Need to Make Reese’s Eggs?

Simple and easy is the name of this game! Each of these ingredients plays a vital role in completing the perfect Reese’s peanut butter egg recipe. See the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact measurements.

  • Powdered Sugar: This helps achieve the desired consistency.
  • Creamy Peanut Butter: To all the crunch lovers out there you could choose to switch it up with a bit of your crunchy peanut butter.
  • Butter or Margarine (melted): Make sure when melting that it is not super hot because when you combine it, it could cause the mixture to not hold a thick consistency.
  • Milk: You can use almond milk as a substitute if needed!
  • Shortening: This is a necessity when melting the chocolate to help keep it from burning.

How to Make Reese’s Eggs

Here’s a secret for you: this is by far one of the simplest and tastiest desserts you have yet to make. With these simple steps, you will be whipping up dozens of these in no time!

  1. Beat: Start by beating powdered sugar, peanut butter, and butter all together. At this point the dough will be crumbly. Add two tablespoons of milk and continue to beat together until the dough softens. If the dough still seems crumbly that is ok.
  2. Roll: On a floured surface, roll the dough out to desired thickness. About ½ thickness. You can use egg cookie cutters or with a knife, shape the dough to look like eggs.
  3. Freeze: Place eggs on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer for an hour.
  4. Melt Chocolate: When you are ready to dip them, then add the chocolate and 1 tablespoon of shortening in a microwave and melt 30 seconds at a time. Stirring it after every 30 seconds and being careful not to cook the chocolate to burn.
  5. Dip: Dip each egg in chocolate (I used a spoon to help cover in the chocolate) and then place them on wax paper to set.
  6. Add Additional Chocolate: If more chocolate is needed, melt the second bag with the shortening.
The process of mixing the sugar, butter and peanut butter mixture in a glass bowl then rolled out and cut into egg shapes using a cookie cutter. The bottom lefthand photo is a melted chocolate with a spatula and the bottom righthand photo is a basket full of Reese's eggs.

Are Reese’s Eggs Gluten-Free?

Yes! These homemade chocolate Reese’s eggs are considered a gluten-free treat. It is only fair that even those on special diets can taste something as good as these! All of the ingredients can be used without needing any substitutions.

A homemade Reese's egg cut in half to see the peanut butter inside and chocolate outside.

Do These Have Dairy?

There are ingredients included in these Reese’s eggs that do have dairy in them. Some substitutions can be made, such as using a lactose version of milk, soy, or almond milk to help if looking for ways to include minimal amounts of dairy.

A basket full of homemade Reese's peanut butter chocolate eggs.


You can easily change up these Reese’s eggs to make them fit the taste (or occasion) that you need!

  • Type of Chocolate: One of the most popular variations of this recipe is instead of making them with milk chocolate, using white chocolate instead. These taste just as good for all my white chocolate lovers out there! It can also be fun to make a batch of both and give some variation to them when at parties, etc. Click here for a step-by-step recipe using white chocolate. 
  • Change the Shape: These are very popular around Springtime but one of the great things about them is that this recipe can be used year round. For example, for Valentine’s day, you can simply switch out the egg shaped cutter and use a heart shaped one instead! Or, for Halloween, then you can use a pumpkin shaped cutter and for Christmas a candy cane and so on. The possibilities are tasty and endless. 

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