This recipe for gluten free apple bread is an easy quick bread made from scratch with rich apple butter and all the right warm spices.

When you think of apple bread (do you think of apple bread?), you may imagine a quick bread (which is really more like a cake in loaf form, just with a slightly firmer crumb) with chunks of apple in it. I’ve got something even better for you, though.

This apple bread is made with less butter than you might imagine combined with rich, thick, sweet, and spicy apple butter. Apple butter isn’t like nut butter, which is mostly fat (not that fat isn’t lovely; it is!). It’s everything that applesauce wanted to be, and failed. Sorry applesauce! Love you still!

I make my own apple butter (recipe link below), like I make my own pumpkin butter, because it’s way cheaper and always better. But you can buy it during the same time of year you’ll find you’re most interested in making this gluten free apple bread. 

And you will be interested in making this apple bread. It’s perfect for breakfast, or as an afternoon snack.

Oh, and if you don’t have apple pie spice, I share how to make your own in the recipe Notes section. You can also just use ground cinnamon, and maybe a touch of nutmeg, at least?

Overhead image of raw apple butter bread batter with crumble topping in loaf pan with hands on corners

Why I like to add crumble topping

I am a big, big fan of crumble topping. It has that nubby texture everyone loves, and even its “bad” qualities (falling off of baked goods) are actually good (those little pieces are free game for anyone).

I like crumble topping so much that I frequently have a container of it just hanging out in my refrigerator. It sits there, waiting to be added to muffins, quick breads, or even cookies.

Make as little or as much as you like

All the recipe calls for is gluten free flour, sugar, warm spices, melted butter, and a touch of salt for balance. I’ve included a recipe for crumble topping below that calls for brown sugar, since it adds richness. But you could just as easily use granulated sugar in its place.

The secret to a good crumble topping is like the secret to all good baking: good ratios. Of course, you need high-quality ingredients, but if you want something that contains butter to hold its shape in the oven and bake up crispy but not dry, you need the right ratio.

The crumble topping recipe below makes just enough crumble to cover this gluten free apple bread in a single layer of crumble, broken into modest-sized pieces. It makes a very small amount of crumble. But you can double the recipe, and then keep some on hand in a sealed container in the refrigerator and add it to sweet baked goods on a whim.

How to make a simple crumble

All of the ingredients except the butter are added to a medium-sized bowl, and mixed together. Then, the melted butter is added, and mixed in. The mixture will be thick but soft.

Pop it in the refrigerator while you make the quick bread batter, and it should be cold by the time you are ready to use it. If you’re in a rush, just place it in the freezer to speed things up.

Using the tines of a fork, break up the crumble into clumps that are on the small side. That way, most of them will stick to the bread even after you slice the baked bread.

Whole baked loaf of apple butter bread overhead image

What is apple butter, and where do I get it?

Apple butter is like applesauce that’s been cooked down with a sweetener and warm fall spices. The spices and sugar reduce along with peeled, cored, and shredded apples into a sweet, spicy and fragrant spread.

Apple butter is very similar to pumpkin butter, but made with apples instead of pumpkin puree. You can buy it in stores, especially around the holidays. 

Instead of buying it, I make a big batch (recipe linked below) and store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Although I don’t bake with apple butter as often as I bake with pumpkin butter, I’m more likely to spread it on a slice of toast than I am pumpkin butter.

Why bake with apple butter?

There are multiple benefits to baking with apple butter instead of applesauce. I love applesauce, and it’s a great way to add moisture and even some structure to baked goods. But it has nearly no taste once it’s baked.

Here, baking with apple butter gives this bread tons of apple flavor without making the bread fragile, like adding chunks of apple would do. You can add a few finely chopped apples to the top, along with the crumble topping. Don’t try mixing apple chunks into the batter, though, as they’ll make for a too-wet loaf that rises and then sinks.

Overhead image of one slice of apple butter bread on a small white plate with apple butter on top

Ingredients and substitiutions


If you can’t have dairy, I recommend using vegan butter in place of dairy butter in both the quick bread batter and the crumble. My favorite brands are Melt and Miyoko’s Kitchen.

For the crumble, you can also use Spectrum brand nonhydrogenated vegetable shortening in place of butter. If you use Spectrum in place of the butter in the cake batter, your batter will be too dry.

If you’re feeling adventuresome and want to try it, watch the how-to video and pay close attention to the consistency of the raw batter. You can try adding a bit of water to the batter at a time, mixing well after each addition, until the consistency looks right.


There are two eggs in this recipe. You can try replacing each of them with one “chia egg” (1 tablespoon ground white chia seeds + 1 tablespoon lukewarm water, mixed and allowed to gel).


If you can’t have corn, try using arrowroot. Even potato starch should work fine.


Stack of 5 slices of apple butter bread on a small white plate with apple butter on the top slice

Apple Butter Bread in a stack and one slice with apple butter on a small white plate

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