Get ready to add the most delicious flavor to your meat with this amazing steak seasoning! It packs a punch of flavor with garlic, onion, and herbs and will elevate any steak you cook!

Seasoning is necessary to make your meat taste delicious, and I think that homemade seasonings are the absolute best! Make some more of my tried and true favorites like this taco seasoning (the best you will ever have!), this homemade Italian seasoning or this delicious Everything Bagel seasoning!

The top view of steak seasoning in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon in it.

The BEST Steak Seasoning Recipe

Summertime is when we bust out the grill and cook up alllll the meat. And let’s be honest, is there any better meat than a nicely seasoned steak? Not in my family! Steak is where it’s at but it MUST have the right seasoning on it or it’s a waste! This homemade steak seasoning is absolutely delicious and so easy to make. It adds so much flavor to your meat and really makes it stand out.

All you need for this steak seasoning blend is a few dried herbs, some garlic and onion and you will be set! And trust me, once you try making a homemade seasoning then you are never going to buy them at the store again! They are so much better plus you can customize them to your liking. Whether you like to add heat, more garlic or onion is your thing… You can easily change it up to make it exactly how you like it! Another classic that we like to use is this chicken seasoning for those who don’t care for red meat.

Ingredients in Homemade Steak Seasoning

This recipe uses ingredients that are all basically pantry staple items. Which means that you probably already have everything on hand! Check out the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact measurements.

  • Smoked Paprika: You can use regular paprika but I love using smoked paprika in any seasoning that I use for recipes on the grill!
  • Kosher Salt: This will enhance all of the flavors in the seasoning.
  • Cracked Black Pepper: I love some freshly cracked pepper to bring in that little bit of spice.
  • Granulated Garlic: I can’t get enough of garlic, I think it should be in everything!
  • Dried Minced Onion: This adds a delicious flavor without being too overwhelming.
  • Dried Dill: I love adding this tangy flavor into the seasoning mix.
  • Dried Thyme: This is a classic flavor that goes with everything.
  • Dried Rosemary Leaves: Crush up the rosemary leaves before mixing them in.  
  • Red Pepper Flakes: These are optional! Add more or less depending on the amount of heat that you want. You could use chili powder as well.

How to Make Steak Seasoning

It doesn’t get much easier than a recipe that is just a mix and go! Throw this spice blend together in less than 5 minutes and you will never leave it off of your steak again! It makes it taste SO good!

  1. Measure and stir: Measure all of the spice ingredients and add them to a small bowl. Stir well to combine.
A bowl filled with seasonings and herbs measured out and ready to mix.

How Much Do I Use for a Steak Rub?

When you go to use this seasoning for your steak, use 1 teaspoon of steak seasoning per pound of meat.  To use as a dry rub, sprinkle all sides of your meat evenly and gently rub to coat well. Your seasoned meat is now ready to grill or bake!

2 pictures showing how to mix up the steak seasoning.

How to Store Homemade Seasoning

This steak seasoning will last you all summer long if you store it properly! Once you have mixed your ingredients together then store the seasoning in an airtight container in a cool dry place for up to 3 months.

Cooked steak on a plate sliced and seasoned and ready to eat.

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