The best way to impress your valentine is with homemade chocolate fondue! This silky-smooth dessert is so amazing and pairs perfectly with all of your favorite treats!

This chocolate fondue is so easy to make! Pair it with homemade marshmallows, rice krispies, and brownies for an unforgettable treat.

A strawberry being dipped into chocolate fondue.

Creamy Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate, I will ALWAYS make an exception for fondue. Out of everyone in my family, I think I get the most excited when chocolate fondue is around. I’m always there, ready with my pyramid of rice krispies. Not even the strictest of diets can keep me away. It’s so rich and creamy! Valentine’s Day or not, make this for your friends and family and they’re sure to fall in love!

Now look, I’ve been testing out this recipe with different types of chocolates and ingredient ratios. Guittard and Ghiradelli chocolate had the best flavor! Using high-quality chocolate is a must here since it’s the star of the show. Then, all you need is whipping cream and a little vanilla to finish it off. Voila! You’ve created the most decadent treat around. I’m so excited to share this recipe with you. I know you’ll love it just as much as my family does!

Everything You Need to Make Chocolate Fondue

Skip the trip to the expensive fondue restaurant and make this at home! With only 4 simple ingredients, there’s no reason not to. You’re going to love it! Measurements for each ingredient can be found in the recipe card at the end of the post.

  • Semi-Sweet and Milk Chocolate Chips: I like using a mix of both for a chocolate favor that’s both deep and creamy. I recommend using Guittard or Ghirardelli here!
  • Heavy Whipping Cream: Whipping cream is a must! It will make your fondue so rich, thick, and creamy.
  • Vanilla Extract: I love adding vanilla to my fondue. It gives it a more complex flavor.
  • Salt: Salt enhances whatever it’s added to. A pinch in your fondue really works to boost overall flavor!

What Kind of Chocolate Should I Use?

The higher quality chocolate you use, the better your chocolate fondue will turn out! I use Guittard and Ghiradelli chocolate because they use minimal ingredients and have that deep chocolatey flavor crucial for fondue. These chocolates are tempered and will coat all of your fruit, cookies, and other dippable treats!

Note: Keep your chocolate away from any contact with water. Water will make your chocolate become rough, grainy, and ruin your fondue.

How to Make Chocolate Fondue at Home

Once you see how easy it is to make chocolate fondue at home, you’ll want it all the time! No more waiting for special occasions, time to break out your dippables on a Tuesday night. Treat yourself!

  1. Prepare Treats for Dipping: Before melting the chocolate, be sure to prepare your dipping ingredients so they are ready to dip as soon as the chocolate is ready.
  2. Mix Chocolate and Cream: In a medium saucepan, add the chocolate and ¾ cup heavy cream. Whisk on medium heat until melted and incorporated together. Be sure not to boil. 
  3. Whisk in Salt and Vanilla: Once the chocolate is melted, whisk in the vanilla and salt. 
  4. Adjust Consistency: Add additional cream if it seems too thick. You want the perfect dipping consistency!
  5. Transfer and Serve: Next, transfer chocolate sauce to a fondue pot and serve with prepared dipping ingredients.
Two photos of melting cream and chocolate down.

Tips, Tricks and Variations

While I love me some classic chocolate fondue, here are a few fun ways to switch it up! I’ve also included a few tips for troubleshooting so that you have the smoothest, most indulgent result!

  • Cook Low and Slow: Always melt your chocolate down on low heat to keep it from burning. If your chocolate is overheated, it may become lumpy or grainy. This can be remedied by adding in a splash of cream and stirring frequently.
  • Adjust Consistency: Getting that perfect dipping consistency is key! If your fondue is too thin, melt in more chocolate. If it’s too thick, add extra whipping cream.
  • Flavor Additions: For a turtle-flavored fondue, add in chopped pecans and caramel sauce! It’s one of my favorite variations. You can also add things like orange zest or cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne for a Mexican chocolate version!
  • Make it Boozy: You can add a splash of rum, Bailey’s, Kahlua, or Amaretto for a boozy variation of your fondue.

What to Dip In Chocolate Fondue

The best part of fondue is the variety of things you can dip! Fresh fruit is always a great option. I love dipping strawberries, bananas, and apple slices in chocolate fondue. Brownies, pieces of cake, rice krispies, oreos, wafers, and pretzels are delicious, too. The sky is the limit! Try all of your favorite sweet treats!

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