Homemade Gluten Free Spice Cake | The Most Tender Crumb

A true snacking cake, this simple, one-bowl gluten free spice cake is packed with the flavors of everyone’s favorite warm spices, and is just sweet enough. Slice it into squares, and watch it disappear!

Why this is the best spice cake recipe

This spice cake has a dense, but incredibly moist, crumb that’s rich with brown sugar and warm spices. It’s made with a combination of melted butter for flavor and and a touch of oil for moisture.

The result is a super tender crumb in a cake that stays fresh for days. You know the type of cake where the crumbs are always in clumps, never alone, and stick to the tines of the fork? This is that cake.

It only takes one bowl to make this delicious gluten free spice cake

We want a super moist cake, but one with a tighter crumb than, say, a gf vanilla Read more

Fluffy, Tender, and Easy Gluten Free Carrot Cake (or Cupcakes!)

Make gluten free carrot cake, or cupcakes, that’s loaded with fresh carrots and topped with traditional cream cheese frosting. Perfect for Easter, or any time!

Why this is the best gluten free carrot cake recipe

This batter makes cake or cupcakes that are light and fluffy, moist and tender, and never ever oily. Cakes made with oil instead of butter can be very moist but can also become oily if the ingredients are in just the proper balance, as they are here.

Carrots are perfect for cake because, when shredded and folded into a cinnamon-sugar cake batter, they bake up sweet and tender. They give off just enough moisture to help tenderize the cake, but they don’t make the cake soggy.

This recipe uses a ton of shredded carrots (3 whole cups, in fact), unlike some recipes that are carrot cake in name only. They soften during baking, but mostly … Read more

The Very Best Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Recipe

The impossibly light, moist and tender crumb of this cake makes it (yes, really) the very best gluten free vanilla cake you’ve ever had.

This cake is so light and airy, it proves, once and for all, that gluten free baked goods can be just as good, if not better, than conventional gluten cakes.

What makes this the best gluten free vanilla cake recipe?

It may be bold, but this cake isn’t just the best gluten free vanilla cake. It’s the cake that you serve to people who can eat as much gluten as they want, and they ask if they can make it at home with their conventional flour.

I tell them that they can have the recipe, since it’s right here on the blog. But they can’t make this cake without our gluten free all purpose flour. They have their recipes; leave us ours.

The secret to gluten

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Elegant Gluten Free Marble Bundt Cake | So easy and rich!

Don’t miss this gluten free marble bundt cake recipe for an effortlessly fancy, rich, vanilla and chocolate gluten free cake that no one will forget.

Use this comprehensive guide to make a simple but elegant gluten free bundt cake that needs no decoration for it to impress your family and friends!

Why this gluten free marble cake is so great

This gluten free marble cake has a fine, but incredibly tender crumb, and has all the best tastes of chocolate and vanilla in every single bite. It’s not just a simple gf vanilla-and-chocolate cake in a bundt pan, though. 

Oh no no no. This is so much better than any “regular” gluten free cake.

The texture of this gluten free marble cake is like a cross between the dense, smooth crumb of a gluten free pound cake, and the open and airy crumb of a gluten free vanilla cakeRead more

Bakery-Style Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins (Big, Bold, Packed with Berries!)

These classic gluten free blueberry muffins are crisp on the outside, soft and tender inside. So easy to make, and they taste just like they came from your favorite bakery!

What makes this gluten free blueberry muffins recipe special

These are my favorite gluten free blueberry muffins, studded with big fresh blueberries. They’re made with plenty of butter, buttermilk, and granulated sugar for the most tender, decadent type of muffin.

Sometimes, I replace the lemon juice with pure vanilla extract. But I prefer the lemon juice because it helps to balance the sweetness of the sugar and berries.

The taste is perfect, but the incredibly tender texture and perfectly craggy top are the real reasons I love these muffins. Resist the urge to add more blueberries, or they’ll take over the whole muffin. You want to taste that sweet, moist muffin crumb for your gluten free breakfast.

Blueberry muffin split in half on small white plate on light purple cloth

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