A Crunchy-Creamy Red Bean and Walnut Snack Cake Recipe to Welcome Autumn

Leah Nash/Eater

Inspired by the Korean treat hodu-gwaja, these snack cakes can be baked in a trusty, run-of-the-mill muffin pan

Fall is, hands-down, my favorite time of year. When I feel the first inklings of a chill in the air, I gladly replace iced Americanos with steaming oat milk cappuccinos, exchange tossed salads for hearty roasted vegetables, and dig into my box of warming spices. Although classic, dependable fall flavors like apple and pumpkin often get the spotlight in the baking world, I’ve found that red bean paste, with its mellow sweetness and earthy creaminess, has just as much potential to shine during this season.

For October’s cake installment, I developed a batch of muffin-shaped, red bean-filled cakes as a nod to a hodu-gwaja, a Korean treat that translates as “walnut cake/cookie.” The soft, bite-size balls are filled with walnuts and red bean paste, and dangerously easy to eat in … Read more

Latest Cryptosporidium parasite statistics show rise in Europe

Infections from the Cryptosporidium parasite are continuing to rise in Europe, according to a report published this month by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Outbreaks associated with food and drink, such as juice, have been reported. The parasites are microscopic and do not make food smell, look or taste unusual.

For 2018, 20 countries reported 14,299 cryptosporidiosis cases, of which 14,252 were confirmed. The number of confirmed patients was more than the 11,435 in 2017. The notification rate for 2018 was higher than in the previous four years from 2014 to 2017.

Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom accounted for 76 percent of all confirmed cases in 2018, with the UK alone making up 41 percent with 5,820 infections.

Reporting was voluntary in Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands or organized differently like in the UK. No surveillance system exists in Austria, Denmark, France or Italy.… Read more

What to Make With ‘Vrimp,’ Nestlé’s Cursed New Shrimp Substitute

Ah yes, a colorful bowl of vrimp and chips. | Nestlé

How many vrimps do you have to eat // before you make your skin turn pink? // eat too much and you’ll get sick // vrimps are pretty rich

Tuna might be the chicken of the sea, but it’s safe to say vrimp is the vicken of the — Shit, sorry, I blacked out for a minute there. Let me try again. You’ve obviously heard of shrimp, that small decapod crustacean that tastes uncannily like, you know, shrimp. But I bet you haven’t gotten your hands on, ahem, [triple checks notes] vrimp. Made by Nestlé, the mom and pop company known for making chocolate and also being accused of using child slave labor to produce said chocolate, Garden Gourmet Vrimp is not only an incredibly cursed name for a meat alternative, but also adds to the company’s growing … Read more

250 sick in Argentinian Trichinella outbreak

A province in Argentina has reported almost 250 cases of trichinosis linked to eating pork products.

Health officials in Córdoba revealed that 244 cases of trichinosis had been registered in Totoral, Colón, Unión, Capital and Río Cuarto.

Trichinellosis, or trichinosis, is a disease transmitted by eating raw or undercooked pork contaminated with the parasite Trichinella.

Large rise in number sick
The Ministry of Health of Córdoba, said almost 200 of the sick people live in the town of Villa del Totoral. Patients were treated in different health care centers. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality (SENASA) are monitoring the outbreak.

Investigations have found a link to pork meat, sausages and salami from different businesses in Villa del Totoral. In some cases, the resale of this meat to other merchants was identified.

Seizure of products was carried out in two businesses and … Read more

Yo Quiero My Taco Bell Nacho Crystal!

There it is. | Taco Bell

This story has everything: Taco Bell, Uber Eats, Spencer Pratt, an amethyst shaped like a tortilla chip…

Take a deep breath to center yourself because you’re about to read the words “Taco Bell’s Mercury RetroGrande Nachos with a chance to win a Spencer Pratt-approved nacho-shaped amethyst crystal complete with a gold-colored cheese drip.”

This, like most fast-food restaurant promotions, is arbitrary nonsense — like inventing a new food holiday or the term “fourth meal.” Taco Bell is wisely capitalizing on the increased interest in astrology and metaphysical healing by partnering with Pratt, known crystal enthusiast, who once said, “I’m trying to keep it in my crystals…I know they’re not working, that’s why there is hundreds on me right now” in a now-iconic episode of The Hills.

But there is a hook here: Mercury is in retrograde through October 18, 2021. Astronomically, that just … Read more