Here’s the Trailer for Nic Cage’s Truffle Pig Kidnapping Movie ‘Pig’

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“Who has my pig?”

There’s a new Nicolas Cage movie coming out next month and the trailer does not disappoint. Per Entertainment Weekly, “Nicolas Cage is John Wick but with a Pig,” but seeing as I’ve never watched any of the John Wick movies all I can say with certainty is that Nic Cage mumble-breathes the phrase “who has my pig” in this trailer.

From what I gather from the trailer, Cage is a recluse truffle hunter in the Pacific Northwest, living on his own in the woods after something bad happens in his life as a professional chef. “I remember every meal I ever cooked,” he mumble-breathes. “I remember every person I ever served. You live your life for them, and they don’t even see you. You don’t even see yourself.” (The trailer seems to hint at some notoriety in Cage’s past life, but a … Read more

Direct sales of meat to Colorado consumers may come slowly after fast approval

In the two months since Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed Senate Bill (SB) 21-079 to deregulate direct to consumer meat sales, there’s not been any sign of a new industry taking off.  Work on writing rules and drafting animal share agreements may be holding things up.

Polis, a “Food Freedom” advocate since his days representing Colorado in Congress, signed the “Ranch to Plate Act” on April 29 and the new law became immediately effective with his signature. It’s possible that direct sales to consumers are not obvious because the paperwork is taking some time.

The new law allows a person to sell, without licensure, certain animals or animal shares to informed end consumers without regulation or inspection by any public health agency. The scant role for the state, pretty much limited to the State Board of Stock Inspection, does not mean the needed share agreements don’t take time and expertise.… Read more

Our Hunger Crisis Is Far From Over

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Twenty-five states are withdrawing from federal unemployment benefits, which will exacerbate demand from already-straining food banks

For the past year and a half, food banks, community fridges, and mutual aid pantries have been overwhelmed with demand. Though many officials are acting like the pandemic is over, millions of Americans are still suffering. According to Census data from May, over 19 million American adults say their household sometimes or often did not have enough to eat over the past week, almost three times the number who experienced food insecurity in 2019. And now, cuts to government assistance — deemed unnecessary by some legislators — may make it worse.

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which increases SNAP benefits by 15 percent and expands unemployment insurance, is scheduled to expire in September. But some states have already canceled federal unemployment aid, and … Read more

Organic, raw farmer found in contempt by federal court for eastern Pennsylvania

Federal Judge Edward G. Smith Wednesday found farmer Amos Miller in contempt of court in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The judge is discussing with counsel how to resolve the issue of sanctions for the seller of unpasteurized, raw milk and uninspected meat and poultry products.

Miller is the owner of Miller’s Organic Farm in Upper LeacockTownship.    He’s long resisted federal food safety laws, recently saying his actions are intended to make it possible for his children to stay on the farm. “I am willing to take the stand to make sure that we preserve our culture,”  Miller told a local newspaper.

Miller’s Organic Farm is associated with a private membership group of as many as 2,000 food buyers. The farm fulfills orders for unprocessed meat and unpasteurized, raw dairy products.

On behalf of the USDA and FDA, the Department of Justice has filed numerous actions … Read more

How to Make Savory, Sublime Potato and Peanut Empanaditas 

Gentl & Hyers/Colombiana

This recipe from the cookbook Colombiana is a surefire party hit 

Bogotá native Mariana Velásquez is aware that Colombian cuisine hasn’t quite made its way to the American mainstream. “Colombian food doesn’t necessarily travel so well, because it’s home-cooked food,” she says. So when she set out to make a cookbook that would bring that food into home kitchens outside of the country, the food stylist, who is now based in New York, considered the cuisine “not from the everyday [perspective where] it surrounds me and I sort of take it for granted, but with the eyes of someone who’s learning about food and goes back to rediscover all nuances and finding beauty in the pedestrian.” With her new cookbook Colombiana, that beauty is on full display.

Sharing Colombian food traditions in a single cookbook was a particularly daunting undertaking given the regional variety of … Read more