‘The Truffle Hunters’ Will Pique Your Appetite and Push You to Dig a Little Deeper

Truffle hunters Aurelio and Birba | Sony

The bucolic documentary, out today, follows truffle hunters and their canine companions in Piedmont, Italy

A steep hillside mottled green and orange; the same woods, now barren, kissed by fresh snow; a bounty of fresh tomatoes splayed across a rustic table. These are just a few of the picturesque scenes from The Truffle Hunters, a quietly stunning documentary about elderly foragers looking for that prized white fungus. The film, out March 5, isn’t just a pretty sight — Italian travel porn sparking Old World–wanderlust — though it is certainly that, too. An ode to slow living, the movie captures a humble tradition, its observational style subtly exposing greater socio-political issues that surround a luxury business.

Do you know who picked your truffles? The heady white ones perfumed with an unmistakable scent? It’s not who you may have thought. Carrying on cultural tradition, … Read more

GFSI Conference to be virtual for first time

This month marks the 20th annual GFSI Conference and for the first time ever the event is scheduled to be a virtual gathering. The interactive three-day forum will see hundreds of experts from 60 countries meet online to share food safety best practices.

Attendees of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Conference are set to meet March 23 to 25 with the theme “Rethink, Reset, Recharge.” Ticket prices range from €299 to €599 excluding VAT ($356 to $714) for registrations until March 18 and rise after this date.

The conference agenda includes COVID-19, supply chain disruption and public health, building trust and transparency with consumers, best practices, and technologies for the future food safety.

Building consumer trust
Speakers include industry experts and academics, CEOs, public authorities, and grassroots professionals.

Representatives from Amazon, HelloFresh, The Coca-Cola Co., Mars Inc., Cargill, Target, PepsiCo, Walmart, Queen’s University Belfast, Georgia University of Technology, and … Read more

How to Build a Chinese-American Cookbook

Tienlon Ho | Pete Lee

Writer Tienlon Ho talks about collaborating with chef Brandon Jew on their new cookbook, “Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown,” and the challenges of documenting this moment in time in Chinese-American food

In the two pages set aside for acknowledgments in Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown, the cookbook’s chef-author thanks Tienlon Ho “for writing this book with me, for qualifying our ideas and for pouring your heart into enriching these pages with Chinatown’s fascinating history.” His name — Brandon Jew — appears on the cover, as you’d expect. But Ho’s does too, which you might not. Jew is the headliner; it’s his restaurant, his story, his cookbook. But at least we know Ho had something to do with writing it. The ghostwriter, or the named writer whose contribution is never really spelled out or fully credited, might be the most exploited of all the talent in the … Read more

Becerra’s nomination is in line with many well known past picks to run HHS

If there was a long history of only prominent physicians being named secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, then the nomination of lawyer/politician Xavier Becerra might look like the administration has a weak candidate is in line as HHS boss, especially during a pandemic.

But the fact is that among the 24 HHS Secretaries that came before Becerra, most were like him — major state politicians — not leaders in health, or medicine, or insurance, or at least not until they were in the top HHS job. And as attorney general of California, he has been running the country’s second-largest legal department and has been involved in HHS issues for years.

Among the past secretaries of HHS were such recognizable politicians as Elliott Richardson, Casper Weinberger, Joseph Califano, Patricia  Harris, Richard Schweiker, Louis Sullivan, Donna Shalala, and Michael Leavitt. There’s no pattern of a medical degree for … Read more

Alamo Drafthouse, Beloved Cinema Where You Can Eat While Watching a Movie, Files for Bankruptcy

Mitch Lazorko/Shutterstock

The Austin-based chain will be sold to a private-equity firm

Alamo Drafthouse, the independent theater chain known for its dine-in meal service, including food and drink specials inspired by films, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Austin-based chain’s assets will be sold to private-equity firm Altamont Capital Firms, a previous backer of the company, and affiliates of investment management firm Fortress Investment Group, Variety reports. Tim League, co-founder and executive chairman of Alamo Drafthouse, is among the group of buyers and will continue to be involved with the company.

“We’re excited to work with our partners at Altamont Capital Partners and Fortress Investment Group to continue on that path of growth on the other side of the pandemic, and we want to ensure the public that we expect no disruption to our business and no impact on franchise operations, employees and customers in our locations that are … Read more