The United States of Fried Chicken

Your double-dredged, battered, spiced, crispy-fried guide to America’s favorite food

What does it take for a dish or a food to be considered American? Is there something inherent in the seasonings, the ingredients, or the presentation that makes it ours? Or is it just something most everyone’s tried, or at least would recognize on a glowing fast-food menu? National dishes are particularly tricky in this country where one’s eating habits are so deeply dictated by their individual experience — something we know varies widely depending on location, ethnicity, cultural background, socioeconomic status, and plain ol’ taste. Depending on those variables, your idea of a defining American dish might look like apple pie, macaroni and cheese, a New York slice, a Big Mac, a crunchy taco, chop suey, gumbo, or a Twinkie. But is there, in fact, some singular food that connects all of our vast and varied cultures, across state … Read more

WHO chiefs discuss local food safety issues

Regional World Health Organization (WHO) leaders used World Food Safety Day to highlight topics important in their countries.

Takeshi Kasai, WHO regional director for the Western Pacific, said traditional markets are a key part of the food system.

“They play an important economic, cultural and social role in the Asia Pacific region and are a source of livelihood for millions of people in both urban and rural areas. Healthy and safe traditional food markets can be achieved by implementing measures based on risks identified in the market. When managed properly they provide access to safe, healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food and they play a role in promoting health and preventing diseases, especially among vulnerable groups,” he said.

When managed improperly, food markets can be unsafe environments and even pose health risks related to food safety and zoonoses threats.

“Whether you’re a consumer or work in a food market there … Read more

Romance Novels Are Increasingly Getting Hot and Heavy in the Kitchen

Move over, bodice rippers. It’s all about apron tuggers now.

If you watch cooking content online, Chef’s Kiss, the recently released book by author TJ Alexander, might feel a little familiar. A romance between an uptight recipe developer named Simone and a chill test kitchen manager named Ray, the story — set at an established food magazine — reads like an alternate universe of a very real, very YouTube-famous test kitchen, right down to the legacy print publication that pivots to video and the affable kitchen manager who finds internet success while experimenting with fermentation.

Or let’s say you prefer your cooking content flashier and with higher stakes, just like all those cooking and baking competition shows. For Butter or Worse, the upcoming debut from author Erin La Rosa, is set in the world of food-themed reality TV with a love affair between a grumpy chef named … Read more

Foods to avoid this Independence Day and tips to avoid holiday food poisoning

It’s the Fourth of July weekend and with that comes the expectation of lots of food, time with friends and family and fireworks. Prep for the heat, review firework safety and read the following food safety tips to keep everyone safe this Independence Day. 

Holiday events are often inter-generational affairs, which means that those most vulnerable — elderly parents, pregnant women and young children — to food poisoning will be enjoying the holiday spread. Because of this, it is best to go the extra mile to make sure the food is safe for everyone.

Foods to avoid if you want to be extra safe this holiday weekend:

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Starting with the obvious, unpasteurized or so called raw milk should be avoided. Cows can be infected with all types of bacteria, and though some argue that milk loses nutrients during pasteurization, this is false.

Similarly, raw juice … Read more

How ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook Groups Are Emerging as Sites for Mutual Aid

Kate Green/Getty Images

Alongside gifts of Ikea furniture and outgrown toddler clothes, some groups are becoming de facto food distribution networks

This story was originally published on Civil Eats.

Yulia Koudriashova is a single mom and teacher living with her two daughters in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond neighborhood. Her parents moved in with them in March when they were evacuated from Kiev after Russia invaded Ukraine. With Koudriashova’s salary as the household’s only source of income, the family has come to rely on the boxes of food they pick up nearly every week from a neighbor’s garage.

“For my parents, it’s very helpful because they see the support of the members of our community,” Koudriashova said. “They have nothing, they don’t have money, and we are sharing the same budget for five people.”

If Koudriashova can’t make a pickup, which typically takes place on Saturdays, she will likely receive … Read more