I Nearly Set My House on Fire Trying to Make the Lightning Mushroom From ‘Ratatouille’

My less-than-well-thought-out plan to recreate my favorite scene from Pixar’s rat-infested classic

Because the opening of the Ratatouille ride at Walt Disney World on October 1 is as good a reason as any, here now, a weeklong exploration of the 2006 rat-infested classic, Ratatouille.

It is my opinion that ratatouille sucks. Not the movie, or Remy the rat of all my dreams, but the actual French vegetable stew. I’m sure there’s a version out there that will prove my tastebuds wrong, but every time I’ve attempted to make it, the summer vegetables have all cooked down watery and muddled. Why am I eating this hot salad? This is why the denouement of Ratatouille has never quite hit me. I just cannot believe anyone, even a rat genius, could wow with an artful pile of zucchini.

But mostly, I was hoping Remy would put a previous experiment on the menu … Read more

How to Make the Best Quiche

Creamy and custard-like, the best quiche starts with a basic recipe and has endless options for adding meat, vegetables, and herbs. This delicious staple recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Quiche is so light and delicious! It’s perfect for switching up breakfast. Try delicious ham and cheese, ham and broccoli, or even a sausage egg frittata for more warm, eggy goodness!

A slice taken out of quiche.

Easy Fluffy Quiche Recipe

This is the breakfast recipe you’re going to have on repeat. You can recreate amazing French flavors with just 5 simple ingredients! The result is flaky, golden, flavorful, with a creamy custard-like filling. The flavor combinations are endless and this dish makes a perfect meal for any time of day. The best part of it all is that it is insanely easy to make. Even the homemade crust! This quiche looks so beautiful coming out of the oven. It’s an impressive breakfast … Read more

The 5 Fanciest Wine Glasses You Haven’t Heard Of

Design: Tiffany Brice for Eater

For a well-designed glass that promises to make wine taste better, look to these brands

Today’s modern wine drinker is positively awash with choice in the glass department. Want to enjoy a crisp white? A stem that’s tall with a relatively narrow bowl will help keep your riesling or chardonnay cool and concentrate the delicate aromas. Looking to knock back some big-deal Burgundy? A wider bowl is your friend, so you can really get your nose in there and appreciate the pinot funk. And for enjoying bubbly, should you invest in some Champagne flutes? There’s no straight answer, but plenty of opinions — so it goes with just about every topic in the world of wine.

But for the aspiring wine connoisseur, seeking out a well-designed glass — one that allows you to expertly swirl, sip, and appreciate — is worth wading through the morass … Read more

The Perfect Crunchy Caramel Corn

Crunchy caramel corn is absolutely divine! This classic crunchy snack delivers on that deep, rich caramel flavor that we all know and love! Eat it at home or on the go…Either way, you’re going to be hooked!

The rich, sweet taste of caramel gets me every time! I am loving caramel these days and if you’re like me, will want to try all of the recipes! This Apple Pie, these Brownie Bites, and these amazing Cinnamon Rolls are the absolute best!

Crunchy caramel corn in a bowl.

Caramel Popcorn

Ok, can we talk about caramel corn for a minute? There are SO many options out there that I never know which one will be good or not. And let’s be honest, more often than not, they aren’t the best! Until I made this one!! It is SOO GOOD and is the perfect amount of crunch. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to break your teeth but … Read more

McDonald’s Promised Us a Veggie Burger, So Where the Hell Is It?

Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Not only would it make me happy, it would also cut down on the fast-food titan’s destruction of our planet

At the end of 2020, Ian Borden, International President of McDonald’s, announced that the fast food chain would be introducing a proprietary plant-based burger called the “McPlant” in 2021. And here we are now, almost in October, and the McPlant is still nowhere to be found on U.S. menus. To bastardize a slogan from another fast food chain (that actually offers a veggie burger), where’s the (fake) beef?

As the world crumbles or drowns or burns around us, McDonald’s is steadily rolling out new initiatives to curb its carbon footprint and keep us spending money, or whatever will count as currency after the fall of civilization, at its restaurants. In 2018, its corporate office unveiled an ambitious plan to reduce emissions by 36 percent by 2030, and the … Read more