One Bowl Gluten Free Banana Bread: Moist and Delicious

This easy gluten free banana bread is made in only one bowl, and it’s everything banana bread should be: moist, tender and delicious, packed with banana flavor and not too sweet.

Smoothies are nice, but there’s just nothing better to do with perfectly ripe bananas any month of the year than to make banana bread.

This gf banana bread recipe has no season. It’s so good that you’ll want to turn on the oven in the dog days of summer to make it.

How do you make gf banana bread moist?

You know how the crumbs from a truly moist quick bread like banana bread can be picked up with the back of a fork? This is that gluten free banana bread.

The acid of the sour cream tenderizes the crumb of the bread. Plain Greek yogurt can be used instead, with very good results.

Sugar also tenderizes baked goods. … Read more

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins | A Magical Recipe

These flourless chocolate peanut butter muffins are unbelievably moist and tender and packed with chocolate and peanut butter flavor. You simply won’t believe this gluten-free and even grain-free recipe, made without added butter or oil!

Why this flourless muffin recipe with peanut butter and chocolate works so well

When I first developed this recipe in 2016, I had been failing off and on for years. And then you loved it as much as I do, so I doubled down on flourless baking recipes.

At the start, I tried to make flourless chocolate peanut butter muffins without banana. But banana helps add moisture, plus lots of natural sweetness.

  • The structure of the muffin comes from the smooth nut butter and eggs. Even the mashed banana helps.
  • The moisture and sweetness from the honey and banana.
  • The flavor comes from honey, cocoa powder, and peanut butter.

The result is these amazingly … Read more

Gluten Free Strawberry Cake | Real Roasted Strawberries

This gluten free strawberry cake, made with real roasted strawberries nestled on top of a tender yellow cake, is packed with fresh strawberry flavor.

What makes this gf cake special?

We roast the berries in this gluten free strawberry cake before they’re nestled on top of the yellow cake batter, so their flavor is super intense. When they release more moisture during baking, they turn the very top of the cake custard-like.

The crumb is so moist that it keeps for days, just sitting there on the counter, loosely covered (if you have a cloche that fits over a cake plate, that’s perfect, but some plastic wrap will do just fine). Unlike some strawberry cakes made with artificial strawberry flavoring or jello, this cake is made with real, fresh strawberries.

Overhead image of raw yellow cake with halved roasted strawberries on top in round baking pan with parchment paper

Why roast the strawberries before baking them?

When it’s the height of strawberry season wherever you live, you can … Read more

Gluten Free Savory Muffins

These easy gluten free savory muffins have plenty of bold cheese flavor, and no refined sugar—but they’re still soft and tender inside, with a thin, crispy crust.

What’s special about this muffin recipe?

These muffins are in a totally separate category from any of our other muffins. They’re free of the refined sugar that you’ll find in all classic sweet muffins, and only have a little kiss 😗 of honey.

I don’t mean to suggest that I think all sugar is bad, because I really don’t think it is. But these muffins don’t have much of it at all, and you can even leave out the honey if you insist (the muffins won’t rise quite as much or be as tender).

Unfortunately, you can’t just take a classic, basic recipe like our easy gluten free muffins recipe, take out the sugar, add some cheese, and bake up some moist … Read more

Gluten Free Lemon Cake (Olive Garden Copycat)

Tender gluten free lemon cake with smooth and fluffy lemon cream topping. Every bite is filled with lemon flavor!

What makes this lemon cake recipe special?

Incredibly tender and moist white cake with tons of lemon flavor, this cake is filled and topped with light and bright lemon cream. There’s also a lemony crumb topping, just like the Olive Garden cake.

The crumb topping is another step, and you should feel free to skip that portion of the recipe. I mostly included it if you really miss Olive Garden and want the full experience.

There are more than a couple ingredients to this cake, particularly with the topping. That’s because we’ve made it from scratch, unlike most other copycat lemon cream cake recipes I’ve seen.

Overhead image of round cake with white swirled frosting on white serving platter with lemon rinds

How to make this cake ahead, in stages

When I make this gluten free lemon cake, I always serve it with at least some topping—but … Read more