Classic Gluten Free Birthday Cake

This classic gluten free birthday cake is a funfetti vanilla layer cake filled with chocolate sour cream frosting and topped with chocolate icing. It’s your new go-to birthday cake.

This is my go-to birthday cake combination

My oldest child just turned 17 this week, and she’s as indecisive as she was at 7. She loves any and all cakes, especially chocolate. But she’s also mindful that not everyone loves a deep, rich chocolate cake.

So when we were planning her the sweetest low-key, home-based birthday party, she simply couldn’t decide on what sort of birthday cake she wanted me to make. I went with my go-to combination which I finally decided to share it with you here: a Funfetti-style vanilla cake with sour cream chocolate frosting and a richer chocolate icing.

Why this is the best gluten free birthday cake

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Two-Bite Gluten Free Blonde Brownies | Quick & Easy

This recipe for puffy, chewy two bite gluten free blondies is a cross between a blond brownie and a chocolate chip muffin.

What’s a blondie, you ask?

Blondie, short for “blonde brownie,” has the texture of a brownie with the flavor of a classic cookie with brown sugar in it. Unlike a brownie, a blondie has no cocoa powder at all for chocolate flavoring.

Remember our two-bite gluten free brownies? They’re the perfect cross between deep, rich chocolate cake and a chocolate muffin.

Readers will often ask if they can just, say, leave out the cocoa powder from a chocolate recipe and make it vanilla. I’m afraid that basically never works for baking recipes. But that’s why we need this entirely separate recipe for rich and chewy blondies shaped like mini cupcakes.

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Gluten Free Lavender Cupcakes | Beautiful & Delicious!

These gluten free lavender cupcakes are gf vanilla cupcakes made extra special with easy homemade lavender-flavored sugar and a lavender milk glaze on top. They taste—and look—like spring in a cupcake!

Why choose lavender for baking?

Dried lavender buds add a brightness and a delicate sweetness to these cupcakes, plus a very subtle light blue tinge and an almost woodsy feeling to your baked goods. It pairs really beautifully in cooking with other woodsy flavors like rosemary, and in baking with sugar or other bright flavors like lemon.

Lavender very well may be the stuff of magical fairy princesses. These lavender flower buds are so lovely and smell just like they look. I wish I looked as good and smelled as nice!

Lavender flowers in jar

Why you’ll love this gluten free lavender cupcake recipe

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Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Cake

This gluten free chocolate zucchini cake is simply the richest, most moist chocolate cake ever. What else were you going to do with all that zucchini?

What makes this gluten free chocolate zucchini cake special (and so useful!)?

This cake is so rich, with deep chocolate flavor, and the zucchini keeps every dense, rich bite moist and tender without being “fluffy.”

Every solid recipe using at least a few cups of shredded zucchini is nothing short of a public service. Take this gluten free chocolate zucchini cake, for example.

It tastes approximately, well, nothing like zucchini. The garden veg is just a delivery system for moisture in each morsel of cake. The fudge frosting on top is a nice bonus, especially since you won’t believe how easy it is to make a chocolate frosting without powdered sugar!

The best gluten free chocolate zucchini cake recipe? Definitely!

  • This one bowl chocolate
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Gluten Free Strawberry Breakfast Cake

This gluten free strawberry breakfast cake is light and fresh-tasting with a tender crumb and plenty of fresh strawberries. Life is short; have cake for breakfast!

What’s a gluten free breakfast cake?

A breakfast cake is a sweet treat that takes very little time to make (one bowl, one pan, right in the oven) and is still satisfying and beautiful on your table. Most “regular” cakes have more sugar added, and don’t contain fruit in the batter, whereas a breakfast cake usually does.

I think of breakfast cake as an alternative to pancakes or French toast. All that fresh fruit baked right into it releases tons of moisture in the oven, so the rest of the batter is very thick—but the result is super moist and tender, even without that much sugar.

Why this is the best gluten free breakfast cake recipe

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