Gluten Free Savory Muffins

These easy gluten free savory muffins have plenty of bold cheese flavor, and no refined sugar—but they’re still soft and tender inside, with a thin, crispy crust.

What’s special about this muffin recipe?

These muffins are in a totally separate category from any of our other muffins. They’re free of the refined sugar that you’ll find in all classic sweet muffins, and only have a little kiss 😗 of honey.

I don’t mean to suggest that I think all sugar is bad, because I really don’t think it is. But these muffins don’t have much of it at all, and you can even leave out the honey if you insist (the muffins won’t rise quite as much or be as tender).

Unfortunately, you can’t just take a classic, basic recipe like our easy gluten free muffins recipe, take out the sugar, add some cheese, and bake up some moist … Read more

Gluten Free Lemon Cake (Olive Garden Copycat)

Tender gluten free lemon cake with smooth and fluffy lemon cream topping. Every bite is filled with lemon flavor!

What makes this lemon cake recipe special?

Incredibly tender and moist white cake with tons of lemon flavor, this cake is filled and topped with light and bright lemon cream. There’s also a lemony crumb topping, just like the Olive Garden cake.

The crumb topping is another step, and you should feel free to skip that portion of the recipe. I mostly included it if you really miss Olive Garden and want the full experience.

There are more than a couple ingredients to this cake, particularly with the topping. That’s because we’ve made it from scratch, unlike most other copycat lemon cream cake recipes I’ve seen.

Overhead image of round cake with white swirled frosting on white serving platter with lemon rinds

How to make this cake ahead, in stages

When I make this gluten free lemon cake, I always serve it with at least some topping—but … Read more

Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes

These never-fail bakery-style gluten free vanilla cupcakes are incredibly moist and tender. They can even easily be made dairy free, too!

Cupcakes are not really mini cakes (exactly…)

Did you know that not all cake recipes make good cupcakes? It’s true! Just like not all muffin recipes can be made as quick breads (or vice versa).

When you bake cake batter in miniature portions, even if it bakes flat in a round or square cake pan, it may dome quite a bit when portioned into the wells of a cupcake tin.

One vanilla cupcake with swirled white frosting cut in two pieces on brown paper liner on a small white plate above a white cloth

Tips for making these gluten free cupcakes

I like a cupcake with a nice, flat top, so it’s easy to pile on a nice fluffy frosting. You can see for yourself that this recipe for gluten free vanilla cupcakes is the perfect frosting delivery system.

My recipe for the very best gluten free vanilla cake is truly perfect … Read more

Easy No Bake Cheesecake with Gelatin

This creamy, fluffy no bake cheesecake with gelatin sets up quickly, and has the flavor balance of cream cheese and sour cream. Always smooth as silk.

How to set a no bake cheesecake with gelatin

The only essential ingredients in a classic, baked cheesecake are cream cheese, sugar, and eggs. You make it a gluten free cheesecake by baking it in a gluten free graham cracker crust, and making sure any starches you add are gluten free.

The eggs in a classic cheesecake provide structure to the cheesecake when they’re baked. They’re what make it into a cake that you can slice.

So how do you set a cheesecake without eggs? Here, we use some powdered gelatin to make a no bake cheesecake that sets even more cleanly than a traditional, baked cheesecake.

All you do is “bloom” the gelatin in some lukewarm water by mixing them together and waiting … Read more

Gluten Free Zucchini Cake

The best part about this gluten free zucchini cake is the tenderness of its crumb, because of all that shredded zucchini. You can’t taste the vegetable, but you’ll know it’s there in every bite.

What makes this gluten free zucchini cake special?

Shredded zucchini adds a particular type of moisture to baked goods that is much more of a blank canvas than, say, mashed banana. I think of zucchini like the tofu of the fruit and vegetable world: it adopts whatever flavor profile you choose.

Often, I add chocolate to zucchini baking recipes. In fact, I have a recipe for gluten free chocolate zucchini cake that is dense, rich, and fudgy. In our gluten free zucchini bread, chocolate chips add texture and flavor.

This recipe is sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. And the mixture of brown sugar and granulated sugar adds some depth of flavor.

Rather than adding chocolate … Read more