Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cassava

Sophia Pappas

Starchy, versatile, and nearly indestructible in the wild, cassava is one of the world’s most important tubers

In this country, the question of how to round out a meal of meat and vegetables with a starch usually leads straight to the potato. But in other regions of the world, particularly Latin America, Africa, and parts of Asia, the answer is frequently cassava. Large, starchy, and seemingly inedible when raw, the tuber can initially be intimidating, especially if you’ve never prepared one or lack a cultural connection to it — its rough skin and rootlike appearance might make you question how long it will need to boil until you can realistically sink your teeth into it. But for much of the world’s growing population, cassava is a major source of sustenance, making it a big player in our increasingly complicated food chain.

While cassava has recently become more visible … Read more

Soft and Delicious Alfajores Cookies

These alfajores cookies are simply divine! Their texture is perfectly soft and once you add in that creamy dulce de leche filling, well… Let’s just say these cookies aren’t going to last long!

If you love cookies, then these alfajores are a definite MUST TRY. Once you are done baking these, try out these delicious Sprinkle Cookies, Almond Cookies, and these amazing Homemade Milano Cookies! You will die over how good they all are!

A stack of alfajores cookies.

What Are Alfajores Cookies?

This is such a good question! Alfajores cookies are shortbread-like cookies that are filled with a delicious caramel kind of filling called dulce de leche. They come from the middle east and were brought to South America (Argentina to be exact!). There are a lot of different variations of these cookies where the filling can also be made from chocolate, fruits, or even nuts! But the dulce de leche is the most … Read more

Deadline for USDA fellowship program in food safety research projects is Nov. 8

The USDA’s Office of Food Safety is offering a fellowship for graduate students wishing to pursue scientific research. 

Applications are due by 3 p.m. Eastern time on Nov. 8. Click here to apply.

Working closely with stakeholders and food safety partners across government, the Office of Food Safety (OFS)  provides leadership and vision for the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to ensure that the nation’s supply of meat, poultry and egg products is safe, wholesome and properly labeled.

Under the guidance of a university mentor, the fellow will create a project that is directly or indirectly supportive of FSIS research priorities. The participant will choose one of the topics listed on the FSIS Food Safety Research Studies page or on another project related to food safety. Acceptable projects include either laboratory studies or projects that do not have a laboratory component, for example, a data analytics proposal or a … Read more

The Best Loaf Cake Recipes, According to Eater Editors


From banana bread to pumpkin bread to French-style yogurt cake, the easy baking recipes we keep returning to

Banana bread became a pandemic staple for an obvious reason — baking in a loaf pan is possibly the easiest kind of baking there is. And as autumn practically demands a treat that’s simple and comforting and best paired with a warm beverage and some kind of knit throw, here now are the loaf cake (and yes, sometimes bread) recipes that Eater’s editors return to for fall vibes, time and again.

Miso-Maple Loaf Cake

Dorie Greenspan, NYT Cooking

As someone of the belief that the combination of miso and maple is akin to godliness, I am the target demographic for Dorie Greenspan’s miso-maple loaf. Out of the 150 recipes in her new cookbook, Baking with Dorie, it is the one I baked first, impatient to devour whatever emerged from … Read more

Mummy Hot Dogs

Nothing screams fun, quite like Mummy Hot Dogs for Halloween dinner. Serve these fun little vittles before trick or treating or at your next Halloween party!

I love festive holiday treats! For more spooky options to serve with these, try Easy Mummy Mini Pizzas and Mummy Cookie Bites. These are all perfect Halloween treats!

Mummy Hot dogs on a plate with spider webb dip.

Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs

These are super easy to make and even more fun to eat! And not only that but your kids will absolutely love helping you make them! Put them in charge of wrapping the dough around the hot dogs! Or, my kids’ favorite part is sticking the candy eyeballs on them and making them “come alive!” You might want to double the recipe because these will go fast! But because they were so easy, you can always whip up more in a breeze.

Not only are these super simple but they are almost … Read more