The Great Pink Sugar Cookie Rivalry of Southwestern Utah

Several chains, including Dutchman’s and Swig, offer the bright cookies. The question is: Who baked them first?

My entry into Southern Utah’s frosted cookie feud began innocently enough. After living in Colorado for a good chunk of 2020, the time came for the 13-hour drive back to Los Angeles through mountainous highways that, while scenic, don’t provide many opportunities for roadside delights. It’s a long haul of Subways, Starbucks, and McDonald’s, save for the lower tip of Utah jutting out across Interstate 15, where some come for Dixie State University, or a bit of respite after visiting Zion National Park or, for a junk food-loving first-timer like me, the opportunity to eat at regional chains like Iceberg Drive Inn and Arctic Circle in one fell swoop.

As excited as I was for my first go at fry sauce and “thick shakes,” nothing could have prepared me for the alliance I’d … Read more

Mouth-Watering Fruit Pizza

This Fruit Pizza is a sweet refreshing dessert that is always a hit! Full of color, and pizzaz this is a delicious way to eat your fruit!

When summer hits, all I want is fruit, it’s sweet, good for you and so refreshing. You have to try these summertime fruit favorites, Skewers, Salad, and Dip!

Fruit pizza cut into slices.

Fruit Pizza

I love this pizza! I do not think that this refreshing fruit pizza can claim its origins from Italy, but that doesn’t matter. It is still luscious. A sweet sugar cookie crust forms the base of this sweet treat. Then it is topped with a cream cheese layer that helps hold it all together. It is creamy, sweet and the perfect frosting for the fruit. Then comes the fun part, decorating it with your favorite fruit. It becomes so colorful and inviting. Slice it up and watch it disappear.

Fruit pizza, is the … Read more

Holiday leftovers — making it last

The extended holiday weekend means family, friends and food. And possibly more food than can be consumed. This means leftovers need to be stored so they can be enjoyed for a couple of days. 

To ensure that your holiday spread remains safe to eat, follow these guidelines:

  • Two-Hour Rule: All perishable items should be refrigerated within two hours of coming out of the oven or refrigerator. After two hours, perishable food enters the Danger Zone (between 40 degrees to 140 degrees F) where bacteria can multiply quickly and cause the food to become unsafe. If foods have been left out for more than two hours, discard items to prevent foodborne illness.
  • Use Small and Shallow Containers: Store leftover food in small, shallow containers in the refrigerator or in the freezer for later use. Shallow containers help cool leftovers more quickly than storing them in large containers.
  • Freeze or Consume Within
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Business Online

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Generally, a business begins with a business concept and a name. Depending on the character of the business, in depth market analysis could additionally be essential to determine whether turning the … Read more

I Found the Formula for Road Trip Bliss, and It’s Gardetto’s and Sour Punch Straws

This promising, punishing combination is the ultimate gas station snack

Like Starbucks and national pharmacy chains, fast-food restaurants and suburban model homes, gas stations, by and large, share a quality of near-universal uniformity. You only need to step into them a few times before you know intuitively where everything is: there’s the cash register, the refrigerated drinks, the all-important bathroom. For drivers and travelers on the road, the relationship with this space — a familiarity built up five minutes at a time, stop by stop — is a necessity and a banality. It’s a fact of life, in the same vein as death and taxes.

But gas stations, for all their mundanity, still carry a whiff of possibility. (Or is that just the smell of petrol fumes?) You can thank the idea of the road trip for that, and all the senses of nostalgia, adventure, and boundlessness that it engenders. … Read more