Delicious Taco Pie

This taco pie is the ultimate Mexican casserole! It’s a seasoned homemade crust filled with taco meat, cheese, beans, and tomatoes. It’s a MUST TRY recipe for sure! 

I love a good Mexican recipe and if you do too then you have to try out this Shrimp Skillet, these Mexican Shells, or these amazing Street Tacos!

A taco pie garnished with toppings.

What’s a Taco Pie?

A taco pie is taking your favorite tacos to the next level! It’s a delicious combination of meat, cheese, and beans in a pie crust! And this one is not just any pie crust. It’s made with Mexican corn flour and flavored with spices! And once you add that to some taco meat and toppings then you are for sure going to have a meal to remember. I love tacos and I love pie so this taco pie meal is so much fun! Plus, I love that you don’t see … Read more

Faces of Food Safety: Meet David Vasquez of the FSIS


David Vasquez, supervisory consumer safety inspector (SCSI) at Establishment (Est.) M675 in Hereford, Texas, has been with FSIS for 28 years. He supervises 20 food inspectors (FI), 4 consumer safety inspectors (CSI) and 2 intermittent FIs. He also juggles a variety of tasks.

He supervises 20 food inspectors (FI), 4 consumer safety inspectors (CSI) and 2 intermittent FIs. He also juggles a variety of tasks. In addition to ensuring regulatory compliance, he mentors, manages training and resolves staffing issues, and then there’s administrative items such as time and attendance sheets, workers compensation forms and travel vouchers. He also spends time recruiting new FIs and CSIs. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, he attended community and university job fairs to recruit new hires; now, he participates in virtual job fairs.

Vasquez’s supervisor, Supervisory Public Health Veterinarian Dr. Jonathan Klemme, said, “Mr. Vasquez’s dedication to the mission is evident in his willingness to … Read more

Eater’s Guide to Idaho’s Snake River Valley

Rows at Scoria Vineyard in Caldwell | Sydney Nederend

From Basque chorizo to huckleberry ice cream, wine trails to mountaintop picnics, here’s everything you need to know about wining and dining in Idaho’s Snake River Valley

Since it earned the nickname the Gem State, Idaho has been attracting fortune-seekers who see untapped value in the West. During the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic, new residents flocked to the state, giving it the biggest pandemic population bump in the nation.

The capital, Boise, has led the boom (with a surge in housing prices to match), as remote workers migrated east from the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest in search of more space, cheaper rent, and a quieter lifestyle. New residents brought infusions of cash and interest, but they’re building on the area’s endearing underlying character. Boise is funky, cool, and friendly, while the surrounding foothills and nearby Boise … Read more

Yule Log Cake

Show off your holiday spirit by baking this amazing yule log cake! A chocolate cake rolled with a cream cheese filling and topped with a chocolate ganache. It doesn’t get much better than this!

I can’t get enough of all things chocolate so if you’re like me then you MUST TRY this cake, these cupcakes, and this delicious chocolate lasagna! You will go crazy over all of them!

A yule log cake on a platter with garnish.

Yule Log Cake

Is it just me or do you think that Christmas brings out the BEST desserts!? I can’t get enough of all of the Cinnamon Roll Wreaths, the delicious Eggnog Fudge, or the classic Fruit Cake. Yes, I know that there are other holidays that bring out the sweets but I really think that Christmas takes the (Yule Log) cake… I couldn’t resist that pun!

This yule log cake is to die for!! It’s a classic dessert that I’m sure … Read more

The shifting sands of food recalls

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on and is republished here with permission from the author, Astrid Van Den Broek

Red, white and yellow onions. Garden salad. Bean sprouts. Parsley.

These are just some of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration-posted recalls seen this fall. But as one food safety expert says, if it seems like there are more produce recalls recently, it’s not indicative that the food system is less safe.

Instead, it likely tracks back to the updating of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) under President Barack Obama in 2011. “This was the first major overhaul of food oversight in 70 years,” says Barbara Kowalcyk, director for the Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention and assistant professor of food safety and public health at The Ohio State University in Columbus. With that update though came more enforcement tools for the FDA which included mandatory recall … Read more