Italian Cream Cheese Cake Recipe

Cake baking games have not too long ago become very fashionable and are being played by both children and adults. Chocolate or vanilla cake, salted caramel filling, topped with chocolate, vanilla or caramel buttercream. For instance, angel meals cake will require you to cool it the other way up whereas it’s nonetheless in its cake pan. That is because of its tendency to collapse within the heart (I know you’ve got experienced this). A method I like to do that so that you don’t spill the cake out in chunks is to place a light-weight slicing board, or something comparable, on high of the cake. I’ll then rigorously flip the entire thing over ensuring not to smash the cake, so that the cake pan is on top (with the cake nonetheless in it), and the reducing board is now on bottom. Place the blue frosting in a piping bag with … Read more

Three Eater Editors on the Costs of Winter Dining and a Return to Takeout

The dining domes at Detroit’s East Eats | Courtesy of East Eats

Plastic igloos look cute — but they won’t cut it during a blizzard, nor do they run cheap

The pandemic has made dining as we previously knew it impossible, and serving customers outside has been one somewhat promising lifeline. So have some food trucks, with an inherently outdoor nature, as well to-go cocktails enjoyed by drinkers on the go or in parks.

But none of those are well positioned for crappy winter weather — and as has been widely observed, the solutions that might help restaurants adjust to winter don’t come cheap.

We brought together Eater editors Monica Burton, Brenna Houck, and Ashok Selvam for our Eater Talks event series to break down all the specific challenges restaurants face this season as well as the array of creative solutions. Below are lightly edited excerpts from their … Read more

How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs Ever!

The Best Scrambled Eggs are fluffy, light, moist and taste amazing. There is a secret to it though, and I’ve got it. The secret to the perfect scrambled eggs is cooking them low and slow!

Eggs go with so many things, try them with these Perfect Fluffy Pancakes or Belgian Waffles. Or put them in these freezer friendly Breakfast Burritos.

Fluffy, soft, perfect scrambled eggs.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest and quickest complete proteins out there. I’ve used them in a pinch for not just breakfast but lunch and dinner too. It’s the perfect answer for that dreaded question “What’s for dinner?” On those days where you’re lucky to have made it to dinner time at all, let alone know what to eat, grab eggs and you’ve got it made! They are so versatile you can do so many things with them!

You can rest easy knowing you’re … Read more

Gluten Free Gingerbread Cake

Moist and tender gluten free gingerbread cake, perfectly spiced and ready for the holidays or any time at all. Make this easy snack cake in one bowl!

A simple recipe, really

I first developed the recipe for this gluten free gingerbread cake way, way back in 2011. All these years later, the recipe still works exactly as written. I’m usually a hopeless tinkerer, but this cake is undeniable, just as it is.

If you look at the list of ingredients, at first glance it might seem a bit long. But this is one of those dump-’em-in one after the other recipes, with the batter made in one large bowl. You don’t even have to mix the wet ingredients together with the dry until everything has been added.

The recipe calls for 2 full teaspoons of each ground cinnamon and ground ginger. But the spices are perfectly balanced with honey, maple … Read more

The Wrong Way to Modernize Beef Inspection


Earlier this week, Tyson Foods indicated that it will soon replace over a dozen federal food safety inspectors in its Holcomb, Kansas beef plant with company employees, pursuant to regulatory waivers that will also allow the company to raise line speeds. However you feel about the current beef inspection system, this is the wrong way to reform it.

USDA has issued its waivers pursuant to a rule whose purpose is “to permit experimentation so that new procedures, equipment, and/or processing techniques may be tested to facilitate definite improvements.” 9 CFR s. 303.1(h). The waivers apply to the Holcomb plant’s regulatory obligations in areas including inspection staffing, handling of bruised parts, line speed, and microbiological testing. In news reports, Tyson has indicated that it intends to employ “vision systems and machine learning in beef carcass inspection” at the Holcomb plant. Tyson’s waiver application, however, makes no mention of such technologies, … Read more