An updated list of recommendations from Eater’s shopping newsletter

Eater’s shopping newsletter, Add to Cart, spotlights the latest in cooking tools, food books, and drinks; merch for a good cause; and all the tableware and food-themed home goods that I would very much like to own (and thus, that I hope will pique your interest enough to click that “add to cart” button). But there are also times when you already know you want to buy something — housewarmings, birthdays, paydays, and days when you just feel like supporting a small business — and just need to be pointed in the right direction. For that, there’s this post: Think of it as a consistently updated gift guide and home base for the Add to Cart universe.

Here, you’ll find a collection of items mentioned in the newsletter that are still shoppable, organized into five categories: cookware and home goods, clothing and merch, food, drinks, and books. Be sure to check back — I’ll be adding new things to buy every week — and subscribe to Add to Cart to start your week with shopping inspiration sent straight to your inbox.

Cookware and Home Goods

Standout kitchen tools, tableware, and home decor that strike the right balance of form and function

Clothing and Merch

The cutest food-themed clothing, restaurant merch, and brand collabs


From starter ingredients to complete meals, all the food that’s fit to gift


Intriguing cans and bottles, both alcoholic and non-


Reading material for cooks and restaurant-goers alike

The Add to Cart Archives

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• The mugs I want to buy [ATC 05.16.21]
• Dansk is getting a makeover [ATC 05.09.21]
• A twist on Mother’s Day flowers [ATC 05.02.21]
• Two food books to buy now right now [ATC 04.25.21]
• The cookbook cover featured on a $300 T-shirt [ATC 04.18.21]
• Can I interest you in a bread tube? [ATC 04.11.21]
• Shopping for my post-vaccine life [ATC 04.04.21]
• The cookbooks we’re cooking from this spring [ATC 03.28.21]
• The tools you’ll need to decorate frilly Instagram cakes [ATC 03.21.21]
• A new way to embrace microwave cooking [ATC 03.14.21]
• Spring is a good enough excuse as any to get something new [ATC 03.07.21]
• A bread drawer is another level of kitchen organization [ATC 02.28.21]
• Kacey Musgraves is selling a tee to help feed Texas [ATC 02.21.21]
• A guide to grower Champagne [ATC 02.14.21]

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