Roasted lemon potatoes are the perfect side dish for any of your meals! They have the best fresh taste that is SOO GOOD! Your friends and family will love them!

This side dish is amazing and will go so well with this Chicken, this Salad, and these Rolls! Try them all and make it a meal that the whole family will eat!

Roasted potatoes in a serving dish garnished with seasonings and lemon slices.

Roasted Lemon Potatoes

Potatoes make the best side dish to any meal because they go with everything! And when you roast them up like I did in this recipe then it really makes them taste amazing! They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside making the texture just about perfect. Not only that but the flavor of them is so good! I used fresh lemons to keep the potatoes tasting so fresh!

When you combine that fresh lemon taste with some herbs and seasonings then it really takes these potatoes to the next level! Not only do these taste SOO GOOD but they are super simple and easy to make! They only take about 5 minutes to put together and the rest of the time they are spent in the oven! This is why they are the perfect side dish because they don’t add a lot of extra work for you!

Ingredients in Roasted Lemon Potatoes

This is a simple list of ingredients that you will need to make this recipe. Most of the stuff you will already have on hand! See the recipe card below for a list of exact ingredient measurements.

  • Yukon potatoes: You can use whatever potatoes that you have on hand (russet or red potatoes work great too!). But I like the added flavor of the yukon potatoes!
  • Olive oil: Vegetable oil will work too if that’s all that you have on hand.
  • Lemon zest: Fresh lemon zest takes this recipe up a notch!
  • Lemon juice: I used fresh lemon juice since I already had a lemon from the zest!
  • Garlic cloves: If you don’t have fresh garlic cloves on hand then you can use the minced garlic instead! ½ tsp equals about 1 clove of garlic.
  • Parsley and Rosemary: Using these fresh herbs all chopped up as a garnish add so much delicious flavor to the potatoes.
  • Salt: This will enhance the flavors of all of the other ingredients!
  • Pepper: This won’t add any heat, just delicious flavor!

Let’s Roast Some Potatoes!

These roasted lemon potatoes only take about 5 minutes to put together and then they are ready to cook! I love them so much and I know that you will too!

  1. Preheat and spray: Preheat the oven to 400 and spray a sheet pan with cooking spray and then set aside.
  2. Combine ingredients: In a small bowl combine the olive oil, lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, rosemary, salt and pepper. 
  3. Cut the potatoes and toss: Cut the potatoes into 1 inch pieces and toss in a large bowl with the olive oil mixture until evenly coated. 
  4. Place on baking sheet and cook: Spread the potatoes evenly on the sheet pan and bake for 40-45 minutes, stirring them around halfway through. Serve warm.

Quick Tips

These roasted lemon potatoes are so good! Here are a few tips and tricks to make them perfect and even new every time!

  • Thyme: You can use thyme instead of rosemary and it gives it a great new taste!
  • Basil or Dill: These are a great substitute for the parsley and can be used instead. It’s a super easy way to switch out the taste!
  • Can I use bottled lemon juice? I would not use bottled lemon juice. The flavor isn’t as fresh and you also have to use a different amount to get a lemony fresh flavor. Fresh is best!

Cubed potatoes seasoned on a baking sheet.

How to Store Leftovers

If you have leftovers of these roasted lemon potatoes then you can save them to eat later! Here is how to store and reheat them.

  • Refrigerate: Once your potatoes have cooled down then you can place them in an airtight container. They will last 3-5 days in the fridge!
  • Reheat: If you want them to be crispy then preheat the oven to 400 degrees and cook them for 20 minutes on a baking sheet. If you are looking for a quick way to eat them then just pop them in the microwave on high for about a minute or two. Take them out when they are heated through!

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