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Desperate Times Call for Elaborate Buttercream

Photo and cake by Michelle Cruz

How a new generation of social media-savvy bakers are breathing life into old-school cake decorating techniques

Scroll through enough social media accounts belonging to women ages 18 to 34 and you might be convinced that, despite the drab sweatpants you’ve been wearing for days straight, there’s never been a prettier time to be alive. “Soft girl” and cottagecore aesthetics have given rise to a wash of dreamy pastels and pastoral fantasy, a celebration of hyper-femininity and domesticity, largely — as is part of the appeal — without the presence or demands of straight men.

Photo and cake by Charlotte Zoller

This highly curated tea party — wherein everyone is dressed in influencer-embraced Selkie puff or Lirika Matoshi strawberry dresses, their makeup laborious in the service of looking naturally rosy from the outdoors, and glowing like the wearer always happens to be sitting … Read more

Incredible Crispy Parmesan Air Fryer Cod

Air Fryer Cod will change the way you eat fish! Crispy golden outside and flakey tender inside, you are going to love this!

We love fish at our house, especially when it tastes this amazing! More favorites include Fish and Chips, Baja Tacos and this Salmon.

Crispy parmesan air fryer cod with asparagus on a plate.

Air Fryer Cod Filets

Air frying fish is one of the best ways to cook this delicate tender meat.  The air fryer basket is perfect, it allows the circulating air to cook the outside and the inside while keeping the fish intact. So many times I have lost chunks down between the slats of a grill or they stick to the pan. Air frying gives you delicate delightful fish that looks and tastes better than any restaurant. The panko breading is perfectly seasoned and the cheese adds a touch of saltiness and nuttiness. It’s so easy to make and tastes just as … Read more

Parnell brothers are also asking for ‘compassionate release’

Food Safety News has learned that brothers Stewart and Michael Parnell are quietly working for “compassionate release” under the First Step Act, which is a Trump-era prison reform that has seen thousands released from federal prisons.

The Parnells were convicted in a jury trial in 2014 for multiple federal felonies associated with a deadly 2008 Salmonella outbreak involving their Peanut Corporation of America processing plant in Blakely, GA. A year after the trial, Stewart Parnell was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison, and Michael was sentenced to 20 years. Together, they have 29 years remaining on their sentences.

Their sentences amount to the most stringent penalties ever handed down for violations related to food safety.

While both brothers are seeking compassionate release, it is the 62-year old Michael who has managed to exhaust his administrative appeals with the Bureau of Prisons and place BOP’s denials going back to … Read more

Recipeasly Criticized Upon Launch for Stripping Authorship From Recipe Bloggers


Following a heated debate on Twitter, the site has been replaced with an apology

Over the weekend, product manager and engineer Tom Redman announced on Twitter that he and two friends were launching Recipeasly, a website for those looking to collect online recipes without having to read the many words of the recipe’s creator. The site, he advertises, is “your favourite recipes except without the ads or life stories.”

Within three hours of his announcement, Redman tweeted that the new site “struck a chord,” though not the chord he and his co-creators were likely hoping for. The trope of cooking bloggers launching into long-winded, often personal introductions before … Read more

Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Air Fryer Hot Dogs taste better than any grilled, boiled or game-day hot dog you have ever had! Making them in the Air Fryer is a game changer!

Serve up these summertime hot dogs anytime of the year! Have them with my famous potato salad, pasta salad or just some amazing homemade fries.

Air fryer hot dogs in a bun with mustard, ketchup and relish on a plate.

Easy and Delicious Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Air Frying is usually faster, healthier and the results are just impeccable. Hot dogs are no exception! The circulating air wraps around the hot dog cooking the inside to a tender, juicy perfection and creating perfect texture to the outside. They taste better than from the grill, boiled, or even cooked over an open flame. They are so delicious!

Now you don’t have to wait for summer to have the perfect hot dog. Any time of the year you can serve up a hot dog worthy meal right in … Read more