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Yellow Cake Mix

Yellow cake mix is a staple recipe that can be used in countless desserts! It’s super easy to throw together and only requires a handful of ingredients.

Making cakes at home is easier than you think and so delicious! Angel food cake, white cake, and classic chocolate cake are a few of my other foolproof recipes. They turn out amazing every time!

Jar full of dry cake mix ingredients.

Homemade Yellow Cake Mix Recipe

Cake lovers rejoice! This recipe is everything you need in your life right now. If you’re like me, then you love a good yellow cake. No matter the frosting, it’s so tasty! With this super easy recipe, you can have cake mix on hand for when a dessert craving hits! No grocery trip needed! The ingredients are most likely in your pantry right now. Not only do you get to stay at home, but this tastes better than any boxed cake mix you … Read more

Government gets extra time to reply to Michael Parnell’s post hearing response

U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Q. Langstaff is giving the government until Oct. 22 to reply to a post-hearing brief for Michael Parnell. Department of Justice (DOJ) trial attorney Speare I. Hodges for wants an extra week “due to the complexity of the issues and scheduling conflicts..”

Arguments will be closed when the government files its reply to Parnell’s post-hearing statements. Parnell, 62, prepared and submitted his Motion 2255 on Nov. 13, 2019, from his federal prison cell at Fort Dix, NJ. He is seeking to vacate his conviction and sentence.

Parnell has a little more than ten years remaining on his 20-year sentence and a projected release date of Sept.30, 2032.

A jury convicted Parnell, his brother Stewart and Mary Wilkerson in 2014. All three were associated with the now-defunct Peanut Corporation of America, and PCA’s peanut processing plant at Blakely, GA. It was the source of a multistate Salmonella … Read more

Super Easy Beer Cheese Dip

Beer cheese dip is the creamiest, tastiest dip out there! It goes with everything and it’s the hit at every party. It has the perfect blend of flavors that will keep you coming back for more!

Dips are the absolute best and this one is no exception! You can dip just about anything in this and it will taste amazing. Start out by dipping it in this Crostini, these Pretzel Rolls, or this delicious Sourdough Bread. It will taste amazing with them all!

A slice of a crostini being dipped into beer cheese dip.

Why is Beer Cheese Dip the BEST?

Beer cheese dip is creamy, cheesy, and has the most amazing taste! It is so delicious and all of the cheeses and hints of garlic and paprika make this the perfect blend of flavorings. The texture is to die for! It’s thick and will stick to anything that you dip in it. I love dipping bread, vegetables (broccoli is my … Read more

Letter From The Editor: Leadership & vaccination resistance


Here’s a spoiler alert. I like vaccinations.

Two of my friends growing up, one with mean leg braces and the other confined to a wheelchair, were polio victims. I’ll be celebrating World Polio Day on Oct . 24, and I was happy to learn that we’ve achieved a 99.9 percent worldwide reduction in polio cases over the past three decades. The area  preventing total eradication of polio — the wild poliovirus areas of Afghanistan and Pakistani

Then there is sub-Saharan Africa where a half million people, mostly children, die each year from Malaria where the new RTS S Malaria vaccine is a “game-changer” and the “the most exciting news in years.” Vaccinations are important to food safety for everything from protecting food servers from hepatitis A to preventing animal diseases.

And if  I did not know better, I’d say we are doing just great with vaccinations. Take the last … Read more

A Crunchy-Creamy Red Bean and Walnut Snack Cake Recipe to Welcome Autumn

Leah Nash/Eater

Inspired by the Korean treat hodu-gwaja, these snack cakes can be baked in a trusty, run-of-the-mill muffin pan

Fall is, hands-down, my favorite time of year. When I feel the first inklings of a chill in the air, I gladly replace iced Americanos with steaming oat milk cappuccinos, exchange tossed salads for hearty roasted vegetables, and dig into my box of warming spices. Although classic, dependable fall flavors like apple and pumpkin often get the spotlight in the baking world, I’ve found that red bean paste, with its mellow sweetness and earthy creaminess, has just as much potential to shine during this season.

For October’s cake installment, I developed a batch of muffin-shaped, red bean-filled cakes as a nod to a hodu-gwaja, a Korean treat that translates as “walnut cake/cookie.” The soft, bite-size balls are filled with walnuts and red bean paste, and dangerously easy to eat in … Read more