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One Pan Vegetable Curry

This One Pan Vegetable Curry is super easy to make and is LOADED with flavor! This vegetable curry is healthy, vegetarian and is ready in under 30 minutes! Make this for dinner tonight!

Make sure to check out my other Thai Inspired Recipes like my Thai Chicken Satay or Thai Basil Beef!

Vegetable curry in one pot with tongs stirring the pot.

One Pan Vegetable Curry

Are you guy’s as big of fan of curry as I am?! My husband and I cannot get enough of it. We make it at least 1 x a week. We love it because it is so easy to make and can be made with whatever vegetables or protein you have on hand. It’s a great end of the week, clean out the fridge kind of meal. It is simple and filling! The texture of the vegetables gives a nice tender crunch as well as sweetness in every bite. Add the curry paste … Read more

Letter from The Editor: A modest proposal for a better transition


The transition is our quadrennial gift for the National Capital Region’s real estate market because lot’s of moves are made.   

The Biden Administration has about 4,000 jobs to fill, and about 1,250 of those are political appointments that require U.S. Senate confirmation. The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service have launched the “Biden Political Appointee Tracker.” It is tracking the most important 756 top federal jobs that serve at the pleasure of the president with Senate confirmation. 

At the moment, no one has been officially named to any of the incoming administration’s top jobs and the Senate has not confirmed anyone. President-elect Biden has announced who he wants for 32 jobs, including his cabinet picks, but those don’t become official until Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20.

Filling all those jobs takes time. The White House must recruit and vet candidates, order up FBI background checks, Read more

Vegetarian Enchiladas (Black Bean and Sweet Potato)

Vegetarian Enchiladas filled with black beans and sweet potatoes is the perfect meal when you want a meatless dish. Super satisfying, loaded with flavor and absolutely delicious, you’ll never miss the meat!

Whether you’re looking for to get healthier or currently a vegetarian, you need this recipe in your life. Add it to these other vegetarian favorites for Meatless Mondays that will be dynamite. Easiest Vegetable Stir Fry, Simple Butternut Squash and Easy Pasta Primavera. YUM!

Scrumptious black bean and sweet potato enchiladas on a plate with toppings.

Vegetarian Enchilada Recipe

With vibrant colors, bold flavors and incredible Homemade Enchilada Red Sauce, these are going to win over every meat lover! The creamy sweetness of the sweet potatoes is a perfect combination to the Mexican spices. Black beans and rice together make what’s called a complete protein (more on that later). All of this goodness is slathered in a rich sauce that will make you wonder why you ever … Read more

USDA wants to hear produce industry’s voice in anonymous food safety survey

It’s one thing for someone working in the produce industry to attend a conference with all sorts of regulators and scientists talking about food safety. But it’s quite another thing for those folks to be asked what their greatest challenges are when it comes to managing food safety.

But that’s just the tack the USDA is taking in its anonymous online survey that asks growers, packers, buyers, consultants, suppliers, educators, auditors and regulators to rank their top five food safety management areas that need improvement.

“We are trying to understand what food safety concerns keep the produce industry up at night — in general, what are their biggest concerns,” said Meredith Melendez, a Rutgers cooperative extension agent and principal investigator of the survey for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The survey, which involves a national team of food safety researchers, takes only about 10 minutes to complete. It is designed … Read more

The Great Birria Boom

Birria at El Garage in Richmond California | Patricia Chang/Eater SF

How two Mexican-American birrieros made the beloved dish a sensation in America

In 2005, two Mexican-American teenagers from LA met at the fair in Coatzingo, Puebla, during Semana Santa, or Holy Week, a time when countless Mexican-American families head back to their family’s hometowns all over Mexico to visit relatives. The pair were partying, meeting girls, and dancing to banda, oblivious to the monied birrieros gambling and flashing rolls of cash at the annual event. But Teddy Vasquez and Omar Gonzalez, along with his brother, Oscar, would go on to change the direction of Mexican street food in America by making a dish from their small, Poblano community in Tijuana a sensation north of the border.

Coatzingo is one of many small towns near Izúcar de Matamoros. It’s where people from the surrounding area go for banking, the location … Read more