Season’s Greetings From the Other White Meat That’s Not Meat at All: Impossible Pork

The much-loved spicy rice cakes at New York’s Ssäm Bar, now made with Impossible Foods pork. | Momofuku/Instagram

Following the success of its convincing “beef” burger and faux chicken nuggets, Impossible Foods is debuting its take on pork at David Chang’s Momofuku Ssam Bar

Impossible Foods came on the scene in 2016 with a realistically bloody and beefy-tasting plant-based burger. The company’s approach to meat-substitution was aimed at making realistic meat-alternatives, something the bean-heavy veggie burgers of the past were not interested in — or failed at — doing. David Chang’s Nishi was the first restaurant to introduce diners to the burger, and now you can buy it in grocery stores and order it at fast food restaurants. Since then, the company has added (convincingly fast food-like) chicken nuggets to its line of products. And after announcing last year that it would be rounding out its fake-blood-dripping arsenal of meats … Read more

Source remains a mystery for the growing Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak

In the 21 days since it was first reported, an investigation has not yet identified a food as the cause of a fast-growing outbreak of Salmonella Oranienburg infections — at least officially.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta say public health and regulatory officials in several states are still collecting different types of data to investigate the multistate outbreak.

In three weeks, the Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak grew from 20 infections to 279 confirmed cases. While there have been no deaths, there have also been no recalls because no food is yet linked to the outbreak.

The rapidly growing outbreak has spread to at last 29 states with illnesses starting on dates ranging from Aug. 3 to Sept. 13. Sick people range in age from less than 1 year to 89 years, with a median age of 35, and 59 percent are female. Of 86 people … Read more

Don’t Overthink It, Ben & Jerry’s Simply Rules


In a world full of headline-making ice cream gimmicks, the longtime activist brand remains devoted to creating delicious flavors and combinations

I have begun to dread the times my friends suggest getting ice cream. It’s not just because I need to double check whether I’ve packed Lactaid, it’s that grabbing a cone after dinner has turned into an entire ordeal that sucks the pleasure from what should always be a pleasurable — and simple — activity. There’s always a new place to try, with a line out the door and sometimes down the block. These status ice cream parlors are either too sleek or too whimsical, each takes either their sleekness or their whimsy so seriously as to crush any casual enjoyment of the dessert. Ice cream feels like it’s become only for connoisseurs. Which is why, if we’re going on this post-meal excursion, I’d rather stop at Ben … Read more

Investigations into Salmonella outbreaks advancing but no cause found yet

Two Salmonella outbreak investigations that have sickened a total of more than 200 people are picking up steam at the FDA.

One has sickened at least 127 people with Salmonella Oranienburg infections and stretches across 25 states. 

Although the source of the outbreak pathogen remains unknown, an update Sept. 22 from the Food and Drug Administration shows that in addition to ongoing traceback efforts the agency has begun sample collections and testing. The agency did not provide any information about where the samples were collected or whether they came from patients, food or locations where food is produced or sold.

The other outbreak involves Salmonella Thompson and has sickened at least 78 people. The FDA has begun onsite inspections of unnamed locations, according to the update.

The FDA is working with state officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the outbreak investigations.

The table below shows … Read more

How an Ode to Applebee’s Climbed the Country Charts and Became Inescapable

Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” is suddenly everywhere, and surprise surprise, it’s all thanks to TikTok

It’s possible that you remember the first time you heard it. Maybe it was on your TikTok feed, accompanied by a jaunty, illustrative dance. Perhaps it came when you sat down to watch the opening game of the college football season in the beginning of September. But whenever it happened, it is almost certain that you’ve heard “Fancy Like,” the country hit about finding joy in mid-tier chain restaurant Applebee’s.

Released on June 4, the ascendancy of country newcomer Walker Hayes’s “Fancy Like” has been the definition of meteoric. It is currently the number one country song in the country, according to the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It’s also achieved crossover success, peaking at #1 on the Digital Sales chart and inspiring a remix duet with pop star Kesha, who discovered the … Read more