Scones in the Time of Agita

Lille Allen/Eater

Claire Ptak’s “Love Is a Pink Cake” and “Mary Berry’s Baking Bible” provoke differing views of the state of British baking — and Britain itself

Britain is in turmoil. It’s been weird since last fall, when the pound fell to a dramatic low and Prime Minister Liz Truss was ousted from power amid the demise of the country’s longest-reigning monarch. Or maybe it’s been weird since last summer, when the previous prime minister was felled by his own corruption and electoral disappointments. Or maybe it was 2020, when the country tumbled out of the European Union and into a series of grossly mismanaged pandemic lockdowns, oft-flouted by their authors. Or the summer of 2016, when the electorate decided to abandon the EU and plunged the populace into unabating existential angst. Or perhaps as far back as 2010, when the Conservatives came to power and implemented a national spendthrift … Read more

Instant Pot Carnitas

Making carnitas in an Instant Pot is foolproof. With just a few simple ingredients and the magic of pressure cooking, you can have a delicious and satisfying meal ready in no time. Make a batch of this juicy shredded pork for your next taco night, you won’t regret it!

If you’re wanting flavorful, juicy pork that’s cooked to perfection, Instant Pot carnitas is the way to go. A few more amazing recipes to try: chicken tinga, sweet pulled pork, and slow cooker barbacoa beef. Use them for tacos or on top of burrito bowls, you won’t be able to get enough of their flavor and tender texture!

Top-down view of carnitas in a large serving dish, garnished with a lime slice.

Carnitas in the Instant Pot

You can make so many things in an Instant Pot. (Meatloaf, lasagna, ribs, the list goes on and on!) Mexican dishes are no exception! Using this handy kitchen tool, you can have tender, juicy meat in 30 minutes. … Read more

There’s So Much More to Cod Than Fish and Chips

Cod’s culinary aspirations go far beyond the fried, newsprint-wrapped staple dish. | Shutterstock

To fully understand the white-fleshed fish’s culinary possibilities, author and “seafood evangelist” Barton Seaver wants you to look to its past

For most tourists, a visit to the British Isles isn’t complete without a meal of fried fish and fried potatoes, likely eaten off faux newsprint and — if you do it the traditional way — drizzled with malt vinegar. But while fish and chips hasn’t changed much across the U.K. for generations, over the last century, one major thing has: which fish ends up in the fryer.

In the latest episode of Gastropod, co-hosts Nicola Twilley and Cynthia Graber explore the history of Britain’s national dish — an iconic but relatively recent pairing whose individual elements come from Sephardic Jews and Franco-Belgian spud sellers. They also tell the story of cod itself, the white-fleshed and burly … Read more

Strawberry Cheesecake Salad

Strawberry Cheesecake Salad is a sweet and creamy dessert with fresh strawberries hidden throughout. This is the biggest hit at any potluck and SO easy to make!

No summer barbecue is complete without a creamy, delicious salad. For even more potluck dishes be sure to try ambrosia salad, creamy pea salad, or pineapple fluff!

Hero image of strawberry cheesecake salad in a peach-colored bowl.

Strawberry Cheesecake Salad

I love anything that has to do with cheesecake. I mean who doesn’t? This is my go to recipe for any get together. It’s a huge hit and people are always asking for the recipe! I love it because it’s so easy to throw together but is the most perfect side. This salad is so creamy and the mixture of strawberries and bananas go together perfectly. Each bite is sweet, creamy heaven!

Now, I can already hear some of you saying… “that’s not a salad!”. And you’re right! In the traditional cold, chopped vegetable meaning … Read more

The Latest Beard Awards Drama: A Smashed Award and Resignations

James Beard Foundation

In the wake of disqualifying a Birmingham chef, two judges resign and one chef condemns the JBFA’s “woke reasoning”

With less than a month until the 2023 medals are doled out, there is major drama happening among committee members and voters for the James Beard Awards. It’s a bit convoluted so stick with me: Restaurant and Chef Committee member Todd Price has resigned. Judge and Oxford, Mississippi-based chef Vishwesh Bhatt has resigned. Fellow Oxford, Mississippi-based chef John Currence has broken his framed award with a brick. Drama.

First, some definitions: The Restaurant and Chef Committee is responsible for creating the list of semifinalists which then gets voted on through to finalists and then winners. The committee is mostly composed of food journalists. Judges taste and vote on the semifinalist list, with each restaurant receiving at least three visits. The judging body comprises chefs and journalists, and includes … Read more