Checking In With the Starbucks Union as a Supreme Court Labor Decision Looms

Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

Glacier Northwest vs. Teamsters could drastically change how unions are able to strike. Here’s how Starbucks Workers United is preparing.

The strike is the worker’s most powerful tool. The action directly demonstrates the worker’s value — how hospitals don’t run without nurses, how websites don’t run without writers, how schools don’t run without adjunct professors. And with both the Red Cup Day strike and the Double Down strike in 2022, how Starbucks can’t run without its baristas. But the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case that could drastically affect workers’ ability to strike, and thus have huge ramifications for the wave of organizing within the food service industry.

Glacier Northwest v. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters concerns the decision of 1959’s San Diego Building Trades Council v. Garmon, which protects unions from being sued for striking. In the case, which the Supreme Court … Read more

Chicken and Rice Meal Prep Bowls

Although these chicken and rice meal prep bowls may seem simple, they’re anything but! The chicken is juicy, tender, and seasoned to perfection! You’re going to love having these easy-to-make meals on hand for a quick lunch.

Meal preps are a great way to keep costs low and also stay on track for your diet goals. You can customize them however you’d like and take them on the go! Need some ideas to get you started? Try these Korean beef meal prep bowls and teriyaki chicken meal prep bowls next!

Top-down view of a plastic container filled with grilled chicken, white rice, and green beans.

Easy Chicken and Rice Meal Preps

Chicken and rice is the bread and butter of healthy eating. It’s the perfect ratio of protein and carbs to power you through your day! Pair it with your favorite veggies for some added nutrition and you have the perfect lunch. The chicken in these meal prep bowls is perfectly seasoned, juicy, and tender. … Read more

It’s the 10th anniversary of the PCA indictment and the courts are still working on it

This February is the 10th anniversary of the criminal indictment of Peanut Corporation of America’s executives. And the two defendants who remain in federal custody are still actively pursuing release, meaning there have only been a few moments in the past decade when these cases have not been active.

The criminal prosecution of the PCA executives was a milestone in food safety as it meant the food industry was being held responsible for an outbreak that caused hundreds of illnesses and several deaths.

The legal action began in February 2013 when the federal indictments of Stewart Parnell, Michael Parnell, Samuel Lightsey, and Mary Wilkerson were unsealed in a federal court in Albany, GA. A separate indictment for Daniel Kilgore was opened later.

During the four years after the multistate Salmonella outbreak that was linked to PCA peanut butter and paste made at its Georgia plant, little was revealed about the … Read more

Maple Pecan Scones

Golden and flaky Maple Pecan Scones are buttery soft and full of nutty flavor from toasted pecans and real maple syrup. They are melt in your mouth delicious and ridiculously easy to make!

Don’t underestimate the scone! You may think of them prepackaged in plastic wrap and always a little disappointing, but I promise you these homemade scones are nothing like that! They are tender and flaky and not at all dry. They are perfect for any breakfast or tea party and look gorgeous on a platter along with Apple Danish, a beautiful Strawberry Galette, and this irresistible Coffee Cake.

Maple pecan scones on a counter with a bite taken out of one.

Maple Pecan Scone

Let’s talk about these maple pecan scones! They are hands down the best scone I have ever had. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good peach scone or cranberry scone, but I think this one takes the cake. It is SO buttery and flaky, with just … Read more

Tribes caught in food safety dilemma

Eat fish; it’s healthy. 

Except when it isn’t.

That’s the quandary that many Pacific Northwest and Columbia River Basin tribal members face as they try to balance their strong historic and cultural ties to salmon with modern studies that show salmon in their area can be polluted by contaminants — among them mercury and a host of other toxic chemicals.

The quandary arises because many tribal members eat more than what health officials suggest is the safe amount of salmon each month — eight 8-ounce servings. Because of that, they are particularly vulnerable to the contaminants that can be in the fish.

A serving is about the size and thickness of a person’s hand.

That recommendation is based on findings that contamination in some fish is high enough to advise people to eat that small amount each month. For most non-tribal people, who average less than that amount, the health … Read more