Gifts for the Host Who Gets Every Design Magazine

What to buy the person who delights in a good tablescape

Some people are easy to shop for because they never buy anything for themselves, making it obvious which items they need. But then there’s that other group — the people who buy anything they could need the instant it comes to mind and take care to ensure those things are exactly right. I’m talking about the friend who sets their alarm for ceramics drops; who’s considered shelling out for Venetian glass goblets; who’s already purchased one of those Gohar World egg chandeliers. When shopping for a gift for these loved ones, it’s best to look for things specifically designed to surprise, delight, or even inspire a sense of whimsy.

This is actually a not-so-difficult task if the person you have in mind is someone who enjoys entertaining, and chances are they do — after all, what better way for … Read more

Gingerbread House

Nothing says holiday season like a Gingerbread house sitting on the counter! This recipe includes the recipe for gingerbread, a template to print out the ginger bread house pieces, and how to make the royal icing. This is the perfect recipe for the whole family to enjoy!

I love making desserts together with my family during the colder months. Warming up the house with the oven is my favorite way to spend chilly evenings. I also love the way that the house smells when you have spiced desserts baking. This holiday season you have to try these delicious Pumpkin Pecan Pie Bars, these cute and festive Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies, and this classic Old Fashioned Apple Cobbler.

Gingerbread house with bowls of candy around it and another house in the background.

Gingerbread House Recipe

Ok, this is the most fun I’ve had writing a recipe! There is nothing like getting the family together and putting together the most adorable holiday decor. You can also … Read more

The FDA should not wait to initiate significant and lasting change


By Sarah Gallo

When baby formula disappeared from shelves following a recall earlier this year, it raised the question of how something this big, affecting millions across the U.S., occurred under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s watch. Consumers rely on the FDA to ensure that safe, quality products are available every day in the marketplace. But the FDA’s reviews and policymaking processes have clearly fallen behind.

The importance of the FDA’s mission cannot be overstated. It can — and must — create a modernized regulatory system, paired with key structural and governance changes, to better provide for consumer safety and keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer preferences and growing opportunities to introduce innovative products to the marketplace.

Change is not only possible, it’s precedented. The FDA successfully modernized its medical products program several years ago,  providing a model to follow and proof that critical updates to … Read more

Olive Oil Never Needed a Rebrand — But It’s Getting One Anyway

Lille Allen/Eater

Brands like Brightland, Graza, Fat Gold, and Rubirosa have brought the elusive element of coolness to the pantry staple

In the press images for Single & Fat extra virgin olive oil, high-fashion models flounce around artfully messy hotel rooms, eating spaghetti while lounging in a bathtub, pouring oil out of a millennial pink and olive green tin onto a slice of pizza, even rubbing each other down with the golden product, perfectly in view of a set of muscular abs. A scrolling chyron on the website encourages buyers to “Douse it. Drench it. Pour it. Slurp it. Lick it. Rub it. Mix it. Toss it. Cook it. Slather it. Spritz it. Stir it.” This is about sex, about indulgence, about gluttony as sin. But also, the brand reminds you, “it’s good fat, baby.”

For many people, olive oil is a fact of life that doesn’t inspire much extra … Read more


Lumpia is a delicious savory fried roll filled with ground pork, carrots, and cabbage. Traditionally found in the Philippines, lumpia is a perfect appetizer that is crispy and golden and served with dipping sauce on the side.

Lumpia would be the perfect appetizer or side dish to make any Asian meal complete! Lumpia is a great addition because they aren’t too heavy and overfilled with meat. It’s the perfect size! I love to serve these along side fried rice, vegetable stir fry, and beef and broccoli lo mein.

Top view of lumpia on a gray plate with a side of dipping sauce. Chopped green onion on top for garnish.

What Is Lumpia?

Lumpia is referred to as the Filipino spring roll. Filled with ground pork and vegetables, this delicious appetizer is a favorite in the Philippines! They are light in texture, and great for dipping! Lumpia is a perfectly crispy fried roll that is irresistible at any meal or celebration.

The best part about these darling little rolls is that they are … Read more