Turkey and the Wolf’s Deviled Egg Tostada Is an Instant Picnic Classic

William Hereford/Ten Speed Press

Mason Hereford’s recipe takes the deviled egg to new and delectable heights

When Turkey and the Wolf chef-owner Mason Hereford was creating the opening menu for his second New Orleans restaurant, Molly’s Rise and Shine, he thought a lot about which dishes qualify as breakfast. One of the answers he came up was the deviled egg tostada. As Hereford explains in his new cookbook Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin’ in New Orleans, “it’s a dish that takes a time-tested Mexican formula (tostada, beans, tasty stuff, salsa) and applies the flavors of Southern picnics and roadside stores.” While Hereford designed it for breakfast, his reference to Southern picnics echoes our belief that a deviled egg tostada is also a perfect picnic potluck food. All of the components can be made ahead of time and assembled on site, with each person making their own tostada. And … Read more

Pear Tart

This pear tart is as delicious as it is gorgeous! It has a perfectly flaky crust topped with sliced pears and covered with a delightful brown sugar crumb topping.

I love a good classic dessert like this pear tart that I can use for any occasion. Some more of my other favorites are this strawberry shortcake, this cheesecake and this delicious caramel apple slab pie.

The top view of a pear tart with a slice being taken out with a pie server.

Pear Tart Recipe

This pear tart is so delicious that I don’t even know where to begin! Should I start by telling you about the heavenly crust that is buttery and flakey? Or perhaps we begin with the filling that is so good that I could eat it all by itself by the spoonful? Or the magic these two things make when you bake them together and get a caramelized topping to combine them all?

Dessert is taken seriously at our house, and this one … Read more

Legislation introduced to improve food safety and hold FDA accountable

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate is calling for stricter regulation of “Generally Recognized as Safe” substances and the creation of a new FDA office to assess the safety of chemicals in America’s food supply.

 Senator Edward J. Markey, D-MA, introduced the Ensuring Safe and Toxic-Free Foods Act, comprehensive legislation that would ensure the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) fulfills its responsibility to promote the health and well-being of American families by directing the Food and Drug Administration to strengthen the Substances Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Rule, which exempts companies from seeking pre-market approval for some food additives.

Markey s legislation would also direct the HHS Secretary to create an Office of Food Chemical Safety Reassessment within the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, which would be charged with reassessing whether existing substances such as bisphenols and PFAS are safe for American families … Read more

The 38 Essential Vancouver Restaurants

Sandwiches at BreadxButter. | Bread x Butter Cafe

From laksa-marinated wings at an ’80s-inspired Singaporean kopitiam to sustainable fish and chips from a marine biologist, here’s where to eat in Canada’s thriving food hub

Ringed by soaring mountains, with gleaming glass skyscrapers reflected in the still waters that surround its downtown core, Vancouver is easy to love. And as the thriving urban hub of British Columbia and a proudly immigrant city, there are plenty of people around to love it. Over 40 percent of Vancouver’s residents were born outside of Canada, and the city is home to robust Chinese, Indian, and Filipino communities, to name a few.

The city’s most beloved and vital dining experiences reflect this blend. Chefs from around the world apply culinary traditions to exceptional produce from the Lower Mainland and superb seafood from the cold, clean waters around Vancouver Island, creating a unique style of West … Read more

Homemade Mayonnaise

Easy homemade mayonnaise is fresh and convenient to make right at home. With just a few ingredients, you can make this delicious and versatile condiment to use on sandwiches or in dips and sauces!

Store-bought sauces can have a lot of additives to preserve shelf life. I love using mayonnaise to make my own sauces at home because I can control what goes in the recipe. You should give some of my other homemade condiments a try like cheese sauce, the popular Utah fry sauce, or easy buffalo sauce.

Close up photo of creamy mayonnaise in a mason jar with a knife lifting out mayonnaise.  Lemons and eggs in the background.

Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

Everyone loves mayonnaise. Its thick and creamy texture makes it a must-have condiment for so many things! It’s a staple at my house, and my oldest son went crazy over this recipe! Mayonnaise can be used to spread on sandwiches, hamburgers, or wraps, and he used it all up on everything that he could! I use this so … Read more