For His Third Act, a Japanese Sushi Master Brings His Famous Omakase to NYC

Chef Tadashi Yoshida’s chases his version of the American dream by opening Yoshino in New York City

Tadashi Yoshida is considered one of the best sushi masters in Japan. After the success of his restaurant Sushi No Yoshino in Nagoya, he decided to try and make his mark in the United States. “I thought, why not bring myself to the center stage of the world, New York City?” And so, he opened Yoshino in NoHo last September, with an impressive 20-course omakase-style sushi experience.

Yoshino joins a bevy of luxe sushi restaurants in NYC, but what makes Yoshida’s restaurant stand out is his dedication to rare ingredients, unique cooking techniques, and masterful skill level. He learned many of his techniques growing up at his father’s sushi counter Sushi No Yoshino in the Gifu prefecture in Japan. He then fine-tuned even more cooking skills working in a French restaurant in Yokahama … Read more

Pot De Crème

Pot de crème is silky smooth and loaded with chocolate flavor. Perfectly proportioned into individual servings, you can end any meal on a high note with this delectable dessert!

Chocolate desserts are classic for any party or get-together. And not only that, everyone loves them! Try out this pie, these fantastic cookies, or this delicious cake and your guests will leave full and satisfied!

Pot de creme in a ramekin with a scoop taken out.

What IS Pot De Crème?

All of you chocolate lovers, stop where you are. You MUST try out this dessert! It’s all about how you make it! Pot de crème is a custard similar to pudding. The biggest difference between the two is that you stir pudding instead of letting it set. Pudding also uses a thickening agent and this can mask the flavor a little bit. With pot de crème, you use egg yolks to help it set to the perfect consistency. It’s so elegant … Read more

A rare second appearance before Supreme Court in Clean Water Act case

Rare as it is to get a case once  before the U.S. Supreme Court, getting a return trip to the high court is  almost unheard of, but  that’s what Chantell and Mike Sackett of Priest Lake, ID, are getting. SCOTUS has granted their 46-page Writ of Certiorari.

Their petition, written by the Pacific Legal Foundation, frames the issue currently facing  the Idaho couple as they continue in a now  15-year pursuit to build  a single family house. It said:

“Petitioners Michael and Chantell Sackett own a vacant lot in a mostly built-out residential subdivision near Priest Lake, Idaho. The lot has no surface water connection to any body of water. In April, 2007, with local permits in hand, the Sacketts began building a family home. But later that year, respondent Environmental Protection Agency sent them an administrative compliance order determining that their home construction violated the Clean Water Act because

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Where to Buy Bonbons for Valentine’s Day

Stick With Me Sweets

11 chocolate shops where you can find the best Valentine’s Day gift there is

I am an avowed supporter of Valentine’s Day — not because I have a particularly rosy-eyed view of love and friendships, although I am also pro those things. It is 95 percent because of the candy, specifically chocolate.

I enjoy eating chocolate all year round, but on Valentine’s Day, it deservedly takes pride of place, conversation hearts and flower arrangements notwithstanding. And Valentine’s Day, unlike the other festive occasions where chocolate is a mere background player, is the time to request and give really fancy chocolate, the kind of chocolate that immediately telegraphs luxury and decadence. There’s nothing that fits that bill quite like bonbons.

Traditionally, bonbons are made with molds and contain a wide variety of fillings, from fruits and nuts to caramel and marzipans (unlike truffles, which generally contain ganache). … Read more

Blueberry Buckle

Tangy and sweet, this soft blueberry buckle is a great choice for breakfast or dessert! It’s a buttery, moist cake with juicy blueberries in every bite!

Looking for more sweet cakes to have in the morning with a cup of coffee? Clementine cake, banana coffee cake, and glazed lemon pound cake are all must-try treats! They’re great for adding a little sunshine to your day.

Taking a slice of blueberry buckle with an icing spatula.

Old-Fashioned Blueberry Buckle Recipe

If you’ve never had a buckle before, prepare to be amazed! It’s essentially a coffee cake but filled with fruit. Once it’s baked, the fruit pieces create a bumpy or “buckled” appearance, hence the name! It’s softer than coffee cake but more cake-like than a cobbler. It’s a must-try for sure! Each bite is a moist, buttery, berry-filled heaven. The crumbly streusel on top is the perfect finishing touch and makes this treat absolutely irresistible. I always find myself going back … Read more