Why Champagne Is the Taste of Celebration


Any occasion is a good one to drink Champagne, but for those looking for the perfect holiday host, sommelier Lauren Friel has some tips

It’s almost the holidays, and as we celebrate the season and ring in the New Year, many of us will be popping open a bottle of bubbly: prosecco, Lambrusco, pét-nat, cava, and of course, Champagne. But for the average drinker, telling the difference between all of these forms of fizz might be a challenge — not to mention picking the right one to bring to your seasonal get-together, without breaking the bank.

Thankfully, Gastropod is here to help. In the latest episode, co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley break down the science and history behind sparkling wine, from the monks and widows, kings and celebrities who made it so special, to the tricks that the rest of us mere mortals can use to make sure … Read more

In Defense of Recipes

Illustration by Eater

 No-recipe recipes are great, but some of us need actual precise measurements to make the magic happen

Makenna Held is not interested in recipes. “Most people live their lives to recipes,” they say in the first episode of La Pitchoune: Cooking in France. The show, now streaming on HBO Max, chronicles Held and their husband, who bought Julia Child’s former home in the south of France, and opened up a “recipe-free” cooking school on the property. “I always say that our cooking school isn’t really a cooking school, but it’s more of an approach on how to live. Life is just a little bit more delicious without recipes.” Held’s mission is to arm their students with the skills to trust their own sense of experimentation in the kitchen. And broadly, to rid the world of recipes. “I’m not a fan of recipes in any situation. Cooking, … Read more


Pancit is a traditional Filipino stir-fry made with tender chicken, carrots, cabbage, and thin pancit noodles. The delicate rice noodles and savory sauce have made this meal a favorite for generations.

This easy pancit recipe comes together quickly and is the perfect weeknight meal for your family. My kids absolutely love these noodles, and any time I make stir fry they request pancit noodles. I have you covered if you need more pasta recipes your kids will love. Try my 20-minute beef lo mein, this chicken noodle soup, or my popular olive garden pasta.

Top view of pancit noodles into two black bowls. Green onion and a tan kitchen towel are next to the bowls.

What is Pancit?

Pancit is a popular noodle dish in Filipino cuisine packed with veggies, meat, and salty savory flavors. This one-pot meal is fast, easy, and packed with lots of flavors. Every Filipino family has their own special recipe and variation of how they make their pancit noodles. This dish is so versatile, and it … Read more

‘Magic mushroom’ states are going somewhere, but slowly

A Morgan Stanley investment research team likes psychedelics as the next “big idea,” but nobody told Oregon and Colorado voters how long it’s going to take to get there with “magic mushrooms.”

Oregon two years ago and Colorado last month became the first and second states to decriminalize the “magic mushroom” psychedelic substance psilocybin for personal and mental health use.

“Magic mushrooms” are edible offering psychedelic properties but with the risk of misidentification for toxin substances causing poisoning that can go from discomfort to death in about 10 days.

States that made recreational marijuana legal have been able to implement those policies fairly quickly. After handing out wholesale and retail licenses, they’ve been off to the races.

Oregon and Colorado are showing the legalized psilocybin businesses are not that easy.

“Magic mushrooms,” with Psilocybin are classified as a Schedule I drug, meaning that it has a high potential for misuse … Read more

New Jersey’s Forgotten Caviar Boom


These tiny, briny, and oh-so-pricey fish eggs are seen as quintessentially Russian. But there was a time when New Jersey was the center of the caviar world.

If you try to visit the town of Caviar, New Jersey, today, don’t rely on your GPS — it’s now known as the Bayside Tract, a marshy backwater on the outskirts of tiny Greenwich, on the banks of the Delaware River in southern Jersey. Amongst the farm fields, bait supply stores, and nature trails through the marshes, there’s no longer any trace of what was once the caviar capital of the world. Nothing remains of the dozens of riverside dormitories that once housed hundreds of men, nor the processing sheds in which they slaughtered tons of sturgeon for their eggs. There’s no trace left, either, of the railroad tracks that once transported those eggs away from Caviar and onto mother-of-pearl spoons and … Read more