Study assesses Belgium’s Salmonella surveillance

Researchers have evaluated Belgium’s surveillance system for Salmonella infections and the potential role of whole genome sequencing.

Surveillance of salmonellosis in Belgium depends on voluntary referral of human Salmonella isolates to the National Reference Center (NRC). Isolates are accompanied by a form with epidemiological information that includes the age, gender, and postal code of the patient, associated clinical picture and recent travel history.

The work, funded by Sciensano (the Belgian Institute for Health) contributed to a more accurate estimate of the burden of salmonellosis in Belgium and shows the systems help with interpreting surveillance data and trends over time.

Researchers assessed coverage of the NRC surveillance system based on a survey among licensed Belgian medical laboratories in 2019 and a study from 2016 to 2020 using the sentinel network of laboratories surveillance system. The number of labs in this network ranged between 38 and 47 in these five years. Results … Read more

The Great British Pudding Mystery: What, Exactly, Is a Spotted Dick?

Revisiting the “Great British Bake-Off” reunion you didn’t know you needed, thanks to the team at Gastropod

It’s a near-annual tradition every time The Great British Bake-Off returns: We all celebrate the balm it slathers over everyday life, get inordinately interested in dishes we’d previously never heard of (dampfnudel? sure!), and then Desserts Week and/or Pudding Week hit the calendar and confusion ensues. I thought every dessert in the U.K. was called a pudding? What’s the difference, then? Why doesn’t that pudding look like the pudding we know in the States? And what in god’s name would lead anyone to name a dessert featured in a series four GBBO episode a “spotted dick”?

To unpack all of these essential questions, three beloved Bake-Off alums — Tom Gilliford, Selasi Gbormittah, and Yan Tsou — joined the Gastropod crew and one ringer American baker, Tim Buntel, in a mini-bake-off challenge focusing on … Read more

Homemade Fruit Leather

Fruit leather is an amazing snack that combines a delicious fruity taste with a texture that is to die for! Simple and SOO good, it will for sure be something that your family will go crazy for!

Making fruit leather at home is so easy plus it will save you a lot of money! You can make it your own with whatever fruit that you love! Some other homemade snacks to try are this trail mix, ranch pretzels, and this yummy banana bread!

Fruit leather all rolled up.

Why Should I Make My Own Fruit Leather?

Fruit leather is one of those delicious snacks that I always get sucked into buying at the store. It isn’t messy and my kids love it. Once I made this recipe, I kept asking myself why I hadn’t tried this before! It is so simple and let’s be honest, buying fruit leather isn’t cheap! This not only tastes amazing … Read more

County continues to search for cause of E. coli outbreak in Oregon

County officials in Oregon have little to report on their investigation of an E. Coli outbreak that has now sickened at least 16 people.

At least a dozen of the patients have been so sick that they have been admitted to hospitals, according to a statement from the Jackson County Public Health Department. Reports of the illnesses began Aug. 8.

Officials say they have not yet identified a source of the infections and they do not have any theories on what it might be. 

The age range for the patients is from 11 months to 65 years of age, with the median age being 23.5. The majority of the cases are in the teens and 20s, according to a county spokeswoman. Of the total cases, 62.5 percent are males. She did not report when the most recent illness began.

The Oregon Health Authority is assisting with the investigation but the … Read more