Baked Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips

Baked Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips is a healthy crunchy snack that is going to impress! Crunchy, crispy, sweet, and a bit spicy, these are going to change snack time!

I love apples, they are sweet, crunchy, and are divine in all sorts of dishes. Try them in Apple Salad, Apple Cake, and Pork Chops with Apples.

Crisp baked cinnamon sugar apple chips on a white plate.

Baked Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips

Can you believe it, summer is almost over!? Summer seems to just fly by and with fall just around the corner, these crispy Baked Apple Chips make the perfect Fall snack. And the best part is that they are healthy and super delicious, which is a win-win in my book. These Bakes Apple Chips are super simple to make. All you do is slice each apple SUPER thin, sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar, and let the oven do the rest. Easy peasy! Unlike these Baked Apples which are soft and syrupy, these … Read more

Bakery-Style Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins (Big, Bold, Packed with Berries!)

These classic gluten free blueberry muffins are crisp on the outside, soft and tender inside. So easy to make, and they taste just like they came from your favorite bakery!

What makes this gluten free blueberry muffins recipe special

These are my favorite gluten free blueberry muffins, studded with big fresh blueberries. They’re made with plenty of butter, buttermilk, and granulated sugar for the most tender, decadent type of muffin.

Sometimes, I replace the lemon juice with pure vanilla extract. But I prefer the lemon juice because it helps to balance the sweetness of the sugar and berries.

The taste is perfect, but the incredibly tender texture and perfectly craggy top are the real reasons I love these muffins. Resist the urge to add more blueberries, or they’ll take over the whole muffin. You want to taste that sweet, moist muffin crumb for your gluten free breakfast.

Blueberry muffin split in half on small white plate on light purple cloth

Should I

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WTO report shows food safety dominates new trade concerns

Almost half of the new trade issues discussed in a WTO committee in 2020 mentioned food safety, according to a report on the meeting.

Of the 36 new specific trade concerns (STCs) raised in the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Committee, 16 referred to food safety measures.

More than a third were due to other areas, such as certification, inspection and approval procedures. Those remaining referred to plant and animal health. The 36 STCs is the most since 2003. An additional 17 previously raised STCs were also debated.

New STCs on food safety included modified European Union MRLs for some plant protection products; import restrictions on chocolate and cocoa because of levels of cadmium; Saudi Arabia’s suspension of Brazilian poultry plants; and Costa Rica’s import restrictions on dairy products. Others were China’s actions related to COVID-19 and the Philippines’ ban on poultry imports because of coronavirus.

The … Read more

What’s It Like Working in a Ghost Kitchen? We Couldn’t Get Close Enough to Ask. 

Carlos Basabe

Your burger or tacos or pizza could be cooked anywhere by anyone — which is what makes the ghost kitchen concept so lucrative and appealing to owners and investors

Ordering takeout or delivery is a lot like watching Netflix. You can do both things on your phone, the options are seemingly endless, and nothing looks particularly good. You scroll and scroll and scroll until you can’t scroll anymore, and begrudgingly decide on some gauzy teen drama, or defer to whatever generically named chicken wing joint paid for the best placement in the app. You hit play or pay or both, and several hours later you mope off to bed a little annoyed (with yourself, with contemporary life) and a little dyspeptic.

With growing frequency, the food you order from a delivery app is being prepared in a ghost kitchen — or cloud kitchen, or commissary kitchen, or whatever … Read more

Cinnamon Sugar Rhubarb Cake

Cinnamon sugar rhubarb cake is a real crowd pleaser! The complementary ingredients of sweet and tart are incredible and are really going to knock your socks off!

I love a good combination of flavors and this slice of heaven most definitely checks that off the list! It’s a fantastic dessert that everyone will absolutely love. Cakes are my jam and if they are yours too, don’t miss out on Chantilly Berry Cake, Praline Apple Bundt Cake and Kentucky Butter Cake!!

Rhubarb cake on a serving spoon.

What is Rhubarb?

Before I can convince you to make this delectable cake, I should probably explain what is in it! Rhubarb is a crispy, crunchy vegetable with a tartness that resembles that of green apples or grapes. Because of the somewhat tart taste, most people like to mix it with some sugar when baking! Which is why you see it mostly made into pies, muffins, and CAKES! In addition … Read more