Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate

This easy homemade hot chocolate is the perfect treat to end your year with! It’s so rich and creamy, you won’t want it any other way!

Looking for more amazing holiday drinks? You’ve got to try white chocolate, pumpkin pie, and cookies, and cream hot chocolate recipes!

Hot chocolate in a large pot being scooped up with a ladle.

Classic Hot Chocolate Recipe

The weather has been so cold in Utah! We even had a snow squall a few days ago. I had no idea what a ‘squall’ even was! It has been blistering cold and windy which makes making homemade hot chocolate a no-brainer. There’s nothing better than coming home and relaxing with a warm cup of chocolatey goodness. I like my hot chocolate to err on the side of milky and creamy. I’m not the biggest fan of overpowering chocolate flavor, but the great thing about this recipe is you can adjust to taste!

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More looking back at 2021 recalls

The year 2021 again found food recalls competing with the pandemic for the public’s attention.

Food recalls are never simple. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the Food and Drug Administration regulate food recalls, but the two agencies do it differently.

Generally speaking, the FSIS tracks the recall of meat and poultry products by the pound while FDA counts product units on those occasions when it reports the volume of recalled foods. 

FDA posts recall lists from information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products. Not all recalls have press releases or are posted by FDA. See Additional information about recalls for a more complete listing.

The Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts remain on FDA’s website for three years before being archived.    The FSIS website posts recalls and public health alerts.

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Why 10,000 People Are on the Waitlist for Kora’s Filipino Doughnuts

Glossy purple ube variaties and doughnuts stuffed with an entire flan have exploded in popularity at the Queens, NY-based shop

“You just have to be super confident when you approach this task,” says Kora founder Kimberly Camara. She’s flipping a large tray of flan from one pan to another for the shop’s flan doughnut. It’s because of unique flavors like this that the New York-based Filipino doughnut shop has a 10,000-person waitlist.

“Kora is my grandmother’s name,” says Camara. “The leche flan recipe is from my grandmother’s cookbook that I found after she passed away.” This doughnut begins with a brioche dough. Once the doughnut is formed, Kevin Borja, Camara’s partner at the shop and in life, cuts a hole in it, and adds flan cream. Next, an entire round piece of flan is added to the center.

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Salted Caramel Butter Bars

Salted caramel butter bars are the perfect easy-to-make dessert. With a buttery and crumbly shortbread crust that is topped with a smooth layer of caramel, there will be a little bit of sweet and savory in each bite!

Sweet and savory dessert bars are a perfect treat for pot lucks with family and friends. Try these s’mores bars, peanut butter bars, or even these snickerdoodle bars if you want something that everyone will love!

A stack of salted caramel butter bars.

Salted Caramel Butter Bars

Caramel is one of my food obsessions. Anything that is baked with ooey, gooey caramel becomes an instant favorite for me!  These are called salted caramel BUTTER bars for a reason. Sorry friends, but these will not help you out with any weight loss programs! They are packed with butter! But I promise they are worth every single bite!

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2021 outbreaks included fresh produce, cured meats, poultry and frozen shrimp

Although the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the news in terms of illnesses, foodborne pathogens also sickened people across the United States in 2021. Packaged leafy greens were behind four outbreaks.

Two outbreaks of infections from Listeria monocytogenes were announced earlier this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both were traced to bagged salads. The contamination led Fresh Express and Dole to recall a total of more than 200 varieties of bagged salads.

The outbreak linked to the Fresh Express recall had killed one person and sickened at least 10 people across eight states as of the CDC’s most recent update on Dec. 22. 

The outbreak linked to the Dole recall had killed two people and sickened at least 16 people across 13 states as of the CDC’s update on Dec. 22.

The Fresh Express and Dole recalls involved salads packaged under those company names, as well as a … Read more