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Most of All, I’ve Missed the Dinner Parties


After more than a year of cooking the same practical meals for two, I can now start planning the communal feasts I’ve missed so much

A few recipes have gotten my partner and I through this pandemic. We’ve eaten a lot of fried rice made with whatever vegetables are flailing in the fridge, occasionally buffered by shrimp. We’ve made lots of curries, eggs on top of roasted vegetables or greens, and frozen dumplings. Most Sundays have consisted of picking a recipe — something sturdy and familiar to us, and something that will keep in the fridge all week and reheat well — and making enough to last us for lunches and dinners. And when we haven’t had the energy, we’ve ordered lots of takeout.

I imagine our house looks a lot like yours, and it’s this monotony that’s made most of my friends and colleagues agree that, once the … Read more

Challah Bread

Challah Bread is a rich and fluffy loaf full of flavor. A Jewish traditional loaf, this incredible bread is going to be a favorite in your family baking!

Bread is a staple in our household, and homemade is always the best. Whether it is Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread, Grandma’s Perfect Homemade Bread or this decorative Star Bread they get devoured!

Sliced Challah on a breadboard.

Challah Bread

Challah bread is a traditional bread that originates in the Jewish religion. This sweet enriched dough is often served on the Shabbat table and for major Jewish Holidays such as Rosh Hashanah. Although it is not served during the Passover when leavened bread is not served. But you do not have to be of the Jewish religion to enjoy this incredibly moist tender bread.  Once you try this delicate bread, you will find it belongs on every table.

Part of the enchantment of the Challah bread (pronounced “… Read more

Spring Break In a Cup: Finding Great Coffee Roasters In Coastal Communities

One of Hala Tree Coffee’s farms in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Courtesy of Hala Tree Coffee.

Every year, Coffee Review organizes a report focusing on roasting companies from various regions of the U.S.: in 2018, the Mountain States, in 2019, New England, and in 2020, the Northwest. Given that it’s been a difficult winter, to say the least, this month’s report celebrates coffees roasted in U.S. coastal communities, particularly beach towns and tourist destinations. We put out our general call for samples, augmented by ordering coffees from roasters not on our email list but situated in U.S. seaside communities known for their vacation appeal.

We ended up with 40 coffees. Once they came off the table, we discovered, partly to our chagrin, that several usual suspects had risen to the top — namely, roasters we know from Hawaii and San Diego, along with one … Read more

Students report illnesses after eating Jimmy John’s food; investigation ongoing

Public health officials continue to investigate a suspected outbreak of foodborne illnesses related to a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Illinois. Many of those sickened are athletes at Illinois State University.

A statement issued by Jimmy John’s officials says the restaurant was temporarily closed, according to The Pantagraph newspaper. The implicated restaurant is on West Market Street in Bloomington, IL, which is under the jurisdiction of the McLean County Health Department. The restaurant statement said the closure was taken as a cautionary move and not because a definitive connection between the store, the food, or Illinois State University had been made.

In addition to the county department, state officials are looking into the outbreak reported by staff from Illinois State University. Reports on indicate the majority of the illnesses are among members of the school’s lacrosse team who all ate food from the same restaurant.

The county officials have not … Read more

Michelin Is Back to Judge U.S. Restaurants, Starting With New York, D.C., and Chicago


The French tire company previously paused its digital guides and ratings because of the pandemic

After taking a break from bestowing its coveted (and sometimes resented) stars and recommendations last year because of the pandemic, the French tire company Michelin has decided it’s time to start recommending and awarding restaurants again. Starting next week, Michelin announced a “Still Serving” virtual series to — over the following three weeks — reveal awards and its 2021 restaurant guides to Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York on its Instagram. Michelin also plans on releasing a guide to California later this year.

Gwendal Poullennec, the international director of the guides, told the New York Times that most of the ratings were based on inspectors’ previous experience at the restaurants, before things like indoor dining limitations and other COVID-19 changes were put in place. The Times also notes “fewer than 100 of the restaurants … Read more